Festival of the Jugs – Moo Brew Hefeweizen

Prologue:  There is every possibility that I’ve reviewed this beer before. Back in the crazy days of 2008 myself and MB wandered down to Cloudwine and picked up a Moo Brew Wheat Beer and a Moo Brew Pale Ale.

The Pale ale scored a Jug thus granting Moo Brew entry to the ‘Festival of the Jugs.’ So I popped back down to Cloudwine and grabbed the Hefeweizen.

Now the German readers or fellow Beer wankers might have noticed the problem here. Weizen is Germanfor Wheat and Hefe for Yeast. So Hereweizen is simply a Wheat Beer.

So is this the same brew that I drank a couple of years ago? Is it simply a case that Moo Brew have decided that the beer drinking public of Australia are either so sophisticated or such massive wankers that you now need to call your wheat beer  ‘Hefeweizen’ rather than the 2008 moniker ‘Wheat Beer’ ? Or is it a actual change to the recipe?

I have no idea and I had the bottle in my hand so it was getting a tasting no matter what,

Smell: It smelled almost exactly like sour dough bread.

Appearance: Straw yellow, bubbly with a sudsy head. Although I couldn’t see the bubbles through the cloudy appearance.

Taste: Very Nice, Light and easy to drink, luxurious lingering taste but with little hoppy bitterness. It’s a full flavour but is soft in the mouth.

Packaging: The Moo Brew bottles are the best damn bottles for beer in Australia in my book.

It a stunning presentation, so different from the standard. Admittedly it would be more at home are a cocktail party at your local art gallery than in the hand of an Aussie bloke at a BBQ, but hey you need a beer for every occasion,

Drinking location: In fact if you would like to drink it in an art gallery you can. The new Moo Brew bar has opened at Australian newest and possibly most interesting  gallery – MONA.

And why has it opened there? Because the $55 million gallery is owned by David Walsh who also owns Moorilla Estate wines and Moo Brew (maybe there is money in Beer afterall)

To continue the beer theme, one of the paintings that David Walsh bought was The Bar, by one of my favourite Australian painters – John Bracks. He later on-sold it (for the same cost) to the NGV so it could sit next to 5pm collins street.

In conclusion: This is departure from the norm, and a perfect special occasion beer. If you having a dinner party and would like to impress your beer swilling friends, or perhaps that special woman in your life on valentine’s day then serve this.

Ranking:  I’ll have a pint thanks

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