Singha Lager

Prologue:  Last year myself and Jord spent some time in Thailand, whilst there we managed to partake of some of the local brews. Our favourite of these brews was Singha.

Thailand has a weather system that is conducive to drinking beers. It’s hot, really fricken hot. There is not much better when you are hot, sweaty and tired than cracking open a Singha.

Singha is also the biggest selling Thai beer worldwide (but not in Thailand itself, that’s a mantle taken by Leo, which is also made by Singha, and I did buy whilst I was there, for a total cost of just under $1 from a 7 eleven, I love thailand). So I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding it.

But the day we tasted this we weren’t in Thailand, we were in South Melbourne. It was Friday afternoon and we had tripped down to the local Thai restaurant for a quick bite.

Packaging:  Simple. White with a gold animal. Jord thought it was a Griffen. Thinking back to my time in Thailand I suggested it was a Garuda. Neither of us were right. It is a Singha (who would have thought) which is a mythical lion.

Like the thousands of photos you see of the royal family in Thailand, this beer has a royal decree on the neck and the symbol of the royal family which is a Garuda, I knew I got that Garuda thing from somewhere.

Appearance: We were drinking out of the bottle which I hate doing, but I happen to know that this is a beer which is a pale shade of yellow with a wispy pure white head.  

Taste:  I’m sad to say we got this a little mixed up here. Frewy claimed it was wheaty. It wasn’t. research tells me  it is made with 100% Barley malt, so no wheat at all in there. What I think he meant was that it quite smooth and there was certinaly no toasting of the barley.

For mine I thought it lacked hoppiness. But there was bitterness there that was coming from the hops, which I mistook for gassiness. Stupid me.

So all in all a bit of a shambles really. The short story was that it was refreshing, easy to drink, with like fruity flavours and refreshing bite at the end.

Drinking location:  I have to say Thailand, specifically a beach in Thailand, if you can find yourself a nice companion, a beach to sit on and a sun to watch set then this is the perfect drinking accompaniment.

In conclusion:  A great example of a beer which is perfect for its environment, refreshing, light, tasty and the perfect tonic for a hot balmy night on some bar in Bangkok.

Ranking:  I’ll have a pint thanks  

The long bow youtube clip:  The Guild League sum up life in south east asia quite nicely, in there song Siamese Couplet oh and these a photos from my brother’s trip to Bangkok.


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