Lord Nelson Old Admiral

Prologue:  Oh Lord Nelson, We’ve met before. Remember that time in West Melbourne, I was eating lamb, you were sashayed up to my table dressed in nothing by a pot glass, well my friend we meet again.

Tonight you will join me, a pizza and my lovely girlfriend Jordan. (I feel I need to mention that I have a girlfriend here, lest you think that I’m having some sort of home-erotic thought regarding a beer who is clearly male). Your task is to pleasure me with your malty goodness.    

Appearance: Old admiral is an English ale, I’m wondering is the ‘old’ in the admiral is to give the impression of ‘olde english’ The only other place I’ve ever seen it used is in Toohey’s old, which indecently is not a bad beer, is this a NSW thing, like schooners, ferries, and not liking culture?

The beer is amber with a tan coloured head and appropriate levels of gassiness for an ale, which is to say, not much.    

Taste:  It’s a relatively smooth beer, the bitterness arrives in the middle of the palate and sticks around. On the first couple of sips I thought this was perhaps a touch too bitter, but as I eased my way into the pot the bitterness seemed to take a backseat and the malty, toasted flavour took over, it was almost biscuity but without the sweetness.  

Packaging:  We have discussed the Lord Nelson labels before. I like them, Jord thinks they are messy. Neither were particularly impressed with the choice of orange – although I guess it stands out on the shelf.   

Drinking location:  I’ve now exhausted the range of Lord Nelson bottled beers. Thus I shall be forced to visit the brewery next time I’m in Sydney if I want to try anymore, could think of worse places to go.


In conclusion:  I liked their Three Sheets, I think this is even better. As soon as I’d finished this I wanted another one. As Jordan hadn’t finished hers yet I thought about stealing it, but she caught me looking at it longingly and warned me off.

Ranking:  A Jug Please

2 thoughts on “Lord Nelson Old Admiral

  1. Old Admiral is brewed as an Old Ale, as is the quite awesome Toohey’s Old, but gees they’re different.

    To give Toohey’s Old its best chance wait until you get to Sydney to drink it on tap.

    Two of us split a 6 pack of Old Admiral on the ferry once, and we could barely move at the end of the trip.

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