Efes Pilsener

Prologue:  Turkey is not a country that I traditionally associate with beer. Lamb, awesome dips, walking birds, and cheap bourbon, yes, but beer no.

So when I came upon this brew in my local Dan Murphy’s I was interested enough to pick it up and give it a try. Strangely about a week later I saw a ‘Efes’ sign on a restaurant as I was driving down Sydney Road, so I’m guessing this is kind of a big deal in the Turkish ex-pat community.

Smell:  It smelt like a commercial lager. Why is it often the case that the foreign beers we get here are of the tasteless commercial lager variety? Isn’t this market already serviced by the likes of Carlton and Toohey’s, why do we need all these extras.      

Appearance:  A shocking bright yellow colour, with a sudsy white head, and big fat bubbles rising to the surface,  

Taste:  It’s not as bitter or tangy as an Aussie Lager, it’s smoother, with a full mouthfeel and a slight hoppy bitterness as you swallow, that disappears in maybe half a second.  

Packaging:  I love the packaging. It’s very classy, it feels almost French.  

In conclusion:  There is nothing bad about it, there ain’t a whole lot to write home about either. All in all it’d be okay to drink if you saw it on the menu at your local Turkish restaurant but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to seek it out.

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner   

Six Degrees of Norm.

1.    Efes is from Turkey, which contains the word Turk.

2.    Just like the movie ‘Turk 182’

3.    Which starred Kim Cattrall who was also in ‘Porky’s’

4.    Which included numerous teens laughing at the word ‘Beaver’

5.    Just as I did when I read that Corey Feldman was in ‘Still the Beaver’

6.    And of course Corey was in an episode of Cheers I saw last weeks called ‘Manager Coach’ (Where coach was managing a Pee Wee baseball team), this episode also included that homeless drunk, Norm


The Long Bow Youtube clip: Istanbul not Constantinople by everyone’s favourite 90’s band – They Might be Giants, somehow mixed with cartoon characters.


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