Swan Special Light

A couple of weeks ago my better half spent some time in Perth, whilst there she partook in some Swan Lager because, as it was explained to her, it’s what you had to do. Now Swan is a brewery that produced some ripper ads in the 80’s, In fact we have spent quite a bit of time examining their efforts, here  and here  and this ad for  Swan Special Light (which I should note is a pointless beer)  is a corker.

Firstly the overwhelming thought is ‘Why did they go out and buy so much stock footage, or alternatively why did they bother going all the way to Sydney to  film so much stuff, only to then made it look like American stock footage?

From the Wall Street boys, the yellow taxis,  the pastel wearing men who I’m sure have walked out of a ‘cotton dockers’ commercial, and the dude with a basketball, and a huge American College style 24 of his top.

But don’t fear the Budweiser logo ain’t turning up yet. It quickly gets back on track, with a great pack shot, two beers, connected to an arm exploding from a esky full of ice. Then we really aussie it up (in a uniquely West Australian way) with some yacht racing, and (surely what is stock footage)  of Australia II, remember when people gave a shit about the America’s Cup?

But then it falls over again, all of a sudden a lumberjack appears, he has the number 84 on his chest so I assume he is 60 steps in the evolutionary chain better than the dude with 24 written on him, he has a mo, but he still looks like he is getting a trophy for ‘Best tree feller’ for 1984 for the Wisconsin Tree Chopping Association (WTCA).

Then it really looses it, we enter the realm of slapstick, a man losing control of his dog in front of a  girl in short shorts, doing that most 80’s of activities, Jogging.  The slapstick will be back later for a an equally pointless appearance later.

But back to the basics of beer advertising.  A pack shot, a man picking up the beer with the most unnatural of movements, and why of why is there only one can in the giant bucket of ice?

Anyway, time to play some Rugby, and then head to the pub, although I must admit, given the recent antics of sportsmen, I’m a little concerned for the lady surrounded by three rugby players., I don’t think she’s in for a pleasant evening.

And no I have no idea why there is a weightlifter in this ad, but fuck those computers are cutting edge aren’t they? Oh and the pink tied guy, I don’t want to smash him in the face at all, knob. 

Then there is just time to round out the ad with some stock footage of Americans enjoying beers in taverns .

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