Stiegl (Lager) Bier

Prologue:  There was a guy that used to run the pub wine bar across the road from work. I found him untrustworthy I thus deemed that he was Austrian. Why do I associate being Austrian with being a little dodgy? No Idea.

It wasn’t always like that though I remember in my youth (my actual youth, when I was five or six, not my usual ‘In my youth stories’ that actually mean a couple of years ago) my mum used to talk about the baker at the local cake shop. She told be with a certain sort of awe that he was Austrian, like being Austrian instantly made you a brilliant baker.

So somewhere between iced buns nigh on thirty years ago and wine bars three years ago Austrians went from roly poly ruddy faced apron clad happy bakers to a cigar smoking, shifty eyed bar owners.

But what of their beer, Is it any good? Did I pick this beer up thinking it was German? Why haven’t I reviewed  a German beer yet? Will this beer help me get laid?

Appearance:  For some strange reason I thought this would be a dark beer, maybe it’s because it’s been living under the stairs for a couple of weeks, along with a whole bunch of beer that I got a Slowbeer (look out from some corker reviews of a range of porters coming up shortly). Of course it wasn’t a dark ale (not many lagers are) It’s actually a golden burnt yellow, with a white creamy head and excellent lacing.   

Taste:  It smelt hoppy, it tasted hoppy, there was a aftertaste which lingered, in a nice way, like a pretty girl who won’t go home after the party. The taste was full but  refreshing.  

Packaging:  Green bottle, strange label that reminds me of World War II comics, and in particular the great graphic novel Maus by Art Spiegelman. Oh and by the way Stiegl mean Steps.   

Food Suggestion:  I was drinking this at home, by myself (yeah I know that’s a little sad) half way through drinking it I had a brainwave, I was sure it would go well with some of Nana Beryl’s shortbreads. Nana Beryl is not my Nana, but rather Jordan’s 92 and a half (half years become important again after the age of 90) year old grandmother, and like all little old ladies (and Austrians apparently) she is famous for her baking. In this case shortbreads, shortbeards that go exceptionally well with beer.

Drinking Location:  Upstairs, that makes no sense unless you understand that the logo is a staircase. It’s represents brewing at a higher level. I think it might lose something in the translation.

In conclusion:  Quite a nice beer actually, it a well rounded full flavour, robust enough to cut through shortbeard, and yet light enough to still be refreshing.  

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint

Will it get me laid?:  Well according to this ad – definitely.  Clearly the advertising restrictions for beer in Austria are a little looser than in Australia. As I understand it in the land downunder you can’t suggest that drinking beer will help you to be more socially accepted (even though it does, unless of course you are one of those annoying drunks, then everyone hates you)


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