Murray’s Dark Knight Porter

Prologue:  I’m not sure that we have had a Porter grace the pages of Tipples. Plenty of dark ales, but never a true Porter.

So what is a Porter? – The descriptions on the interweb aren’t hugely useful. I can tell you it’s a dark ale, not as strong as a stout, but stronger in taste than other darkish ales. None the wiser? I don’t think I am either.    

How did I end up with this then? Well it’s a long story, I’s heard amazing things about Murray’s, and in particular a beer called Punch & Judy’s. This buzz coincided with my ordering of a box (ha box) of beers from Slowbeer  

So I requested a bottle of Punch and Judy in my mixed dozen that I ordered over the interwebs. It was sold out though, and on my instructions of ‘Just throw something else from Murrays in there’ the boys a Slowbeer threw in the Dark knight.

Slowbeer has an amazing range of beers. I should mention that their online ordering system is terrible (although I’m told it’s being upgraded) I would suggest if you are able to you should drive down Burwood road and into the store rather than staying to the information super highway.   

Appearance:  Perhaps the Slowbeer guys did actually throw the beer in the box, or maybe some mischievous little devil snuck into our house, opened the fridge and shook the bottle up because when I popped the lid off it exploded out of the bottle.

On pouring into a glass it poured a giant ‘twice the size of the liquid’ tea stained super frothy head, I had to wait for it to die down before pouring the remainder of the bottle into the glass. It was dark, almost black. So dark you couldn’t see any bubbles.

Taste:  The carbonation is definitely hiding in their somewhere though, the beer feels very fizzy in the mouth, in fact that’s the dominant flavour on first sip, The real flavours come through in the aftertaste. It’s a real bitter dark chocolate taste. I thought I could sense some hop bitterness in there as well, which I wasn’t expecting.  

Packaging:  Classic, classy, nice simple label, strong fonts, all good.  

Food Suggestion: I was treating this as a desert beer. In fact the label suggested that I should try it with Chocolate Mud Cake. I didn’t have any of this, but I did find a bite size Bounty bar and nibbled on that whilst sipping on the Dark Knight and I have to say the coconut worked well with the flavours of the beer.

In conclusion:  On the first few sips I was sceptical, but as the beer settled down, and I got more used to it, I really started to enjoy it, It was perhaps a little too fizzy for my liking, but I would definitely give it another shot

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner

6 Degrees of Norm (Where we link every beer back to George Wendt, Norm from Cheers):

  1. As well as being a beer Dark Knight is also a film in the Batman series.
  2. Which was Heath Ledger last (good) role
  3. Heath of course starred in 10 things I hate about you.
  4. Where Allison Janney played the school guidance councillor
  5. Who was in a couple of issues of Frasier
  6. With Frasier Crane, who often sat next to Norm.

One thought on “Murray’s Dark Knight Porter

  1. Tipples – you are on fire. Have you discovered yet?

    James Squire Porter is another really good dark, but Dark Knight is bloody excellent.

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