Arctic Fox Chocolate Stout

Prologue  Arctic Fox is not a brewery I’d ever heard of, I had a vague thought that I might have once seen one of their bottles on a shelf somewhere in Cloudwine, but it may have a been Feral, I get things with F’s in them mixed up.

Research tells me that they are yet another Victorian Microbrewery, they are based in Dandenong, and from the website, it looks like they actually own a brewery, rather than contract brew, which is a sign that they are reasonably serious.  

I really have no idea how I ended up with this either. It was in a box of 12 beers I got from Slowbeer, but I can’t tell you if it was a conscious choice from me, or whether it was one of the Chris’ suggestions.

Anyway point is last week I found myself  with a bottle of Arctic Fox Chocolate Stout in my hand and a tasting to conduct, I have to say I had high hopes for this, I had thoroughly enjoyed the last Chocolate Stout I had

Appearance:  It looked like Coke, more specifically, like the syrupy post mix coke you get in pubs. It was almost pitch black, the bubbles I could see right at the edge where small. There was a frothy head on pouring, which faded away to be a little wispy as I drunk it, but left nice lacing on the glass.

Smell:  This has a very strong smell, so strong that as I walked past Jord with the glass in my hand she smelled it. A hearty sniff bought with it a smell that reminded me of when the café down the road roasts their coffee beans.

Taste:  It has a full flavour, I could taste it all the way through my throat and nose. It was velvety smooth, It felt luxurious, with little bitterness and next to no gassy carbonation.   

Packaging:  Let’s start with the fact that it’s a 500ml bottle, which feels very English. The label itself is nice brown colour. The silver fox (who I shall be calling Ron) is very classy, It like the impossibly blue Kimi Raikonnen like eyes. There may be a few too many words on that label though.    

Food Suggestion:  I actually drank this was feasting on a muffin that I can bought from Buddy’s earlier that evening, It would go with anything really sweet.     

 In conclusion:  A very nice beer, It’s not something for a Sunday afternoon at the pub but it is a very good dessert beer, perfect for a late night tipple.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks.   

Six degrees of Norm

  1.  An Arctic Fox or Vulpes lagopus could very well be found in the Artic Regions of Canada
  2.  Just like Michael J Fox, who was born in Canada and is a Fox.
  3.  He is most famous (in my opinion) for being in Doc Hollywood.
  4.  Which also starred Woody Harrelson
  5.  Who was in Cheers
  6.  and served beers to Norm Peterson.  

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