Prologue  Time for another exotic sounding, yet mainstream commercial lager. This time it’s Karlovacko from Croatia. I can’t help thinking that there are Crotians, French, Belgians and Thai’s out there wondering why myself, a world class beer blogger, is wasting his time with such mainstream beers.

I’m sure they are reacting the same way that I would react if I read an overseas blog that treated Carlton Draught or worse still Fosters as representative of the beer culture in this country.

I would explain to them that there are hundreds of great Australian micro breweries that they need to try, I would explain to them that Foster’s is a marketing gimmick, and not really Australian, like Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, and Paul Hogan (I refuse to acknowledge he is Australian unless he pays those damn taxes).

But as Croatian microbreweries have limited distribution here in the land downunder I’ll soldier on with Karlovacko.       

Appearance:  Exactly what you would expect, A light golden colour, with big fat bubbles and a foamy white head, which surprisingly sticks around throughout the drinking.  

Taste:  Actually not too bad. It’s clearly a commercial lager, and thus a little bland. But it’s actually one of the better ones, reminded me a lot of Kronenbourg 1664.

It’s quite crisp, with just a slight bitterness, and an almost agricultural aftertaste.  

Packaging:  The label is as Croatian as a gang of flag waving teenage boys heading down to the tennis to fight with some Serbians. That’s right Australians are so tough that we riot at the tennis. The tennis for Christs sake.

The label is quite traditional, with a coat of arms, some gold medals, a year, and a Croatian flag in the background. I’m told they have just moved from brown bottles to green, good decision, green goes much better with red.         

In conclusion:  You could actually do a lot worse that this beer. Significantly better than a lot of the commercial brews out there.


The soon to become standard Eurovision reference for Euro based brews :  One of the major advantages of being Croatian is that you can participate in the Eurovision song contest (It’s coming up in early May people, look out for more and more Eurovision references).

This allows you to scream like a banshee. Try to fit your massive fake boobs in an evening dress. Wear the world’s most ridiculous hood, only to reveal an evening dress (who would have guessed). Break out some baggy pant suits whilst standing next to Eastern European Los Lobos.  And finally look like a poor man’s Kevin Sorbo whilst wearing a vest and a fancy rainbow tie thingy.   

Don’t believe me – Check it out.

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner.


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