Prologue  This is another beer I’ve never heard outside of our local Indian restaurant. I know what your thinking, and no this isn’t a small important Indian lager. Rather it’s an Australian beer, from a company called Fusion Brewing

Fusion Brewing have a interesting approach to beer making. Someone clearly has a marketing degree, as they have differentiated themselves by flipping the usual concept of beers.  Rather than producing a beer, and then finding an occasion to drink it, they have looked at the occasion and created a beer for it.

They have Bluebottle for those times that you are eating seafood. Prime for drinking with a steak and Firefly for teaming with spicy food.

See what they did there? Doubly smart as restaurants have to be much easier to get distribution into versus the pubs, which often have exclusive deals with the Tooheys and Fosters of this world.

And it’s working because amongst the Indian beers in the fridge at Le Taj was a some bottles of Firefly. But what does a beer specifically designed for drinking with spicy food taste like:

Appearance:  This beer is actually a pilsner, which makes sense as pilseners are generally a hoppy lager, which would cut through spicy food. It looked like a pilsner, it was a light golden colour with big fat bubbles and just a wispy head.

Taste:  Definitely light in taste, but refreshing like a well made commercial lager. Not too much bitterness and quite crisp.    

Packaging:  I was disappointed. The label was quite low resolution, it looked like it might have been created on a colour photocopier, and stuck onto the bottle with some clag by the brewer’s little kid.     

Food Suggestion:  Well it’s specifically designed for spicy food, so I’m going to say…..wait for it, Spicy food, like Indian, or Thai or Mexican maybe.

In conclusion:  This beer did exactly what it claimed to do, upon drinking it with the Beef Jalfreedy it killed the heat dead and replaced it with a nice crisp refreshment. It’s not the world’s best beer, but it doesn’t pretend to be. It’s like tagger on the football field, they are never going to be a superstar, it has one job and it does  it well.  

Random Wikipedia Fact:  Female Fireflies are known mimic the mating flashes of other “lightning bugs” for the sole purpose of predation, or killing for fun as I like to call it. Target males are attracted to what appears to be a suitable mate, and are then eaten. For this reason the Photuris species are sometimes referred to as Femme Fatale Fireflies, or alternatively complete bitches.

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner.


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