Prologue  No national holiday is more associated with beer than St Patrick’s Day. For some reason people equate Irish pride with getting drunk on green beer.

But who are we to argue. We love a holiday, we love beer, so yeah, why not combine the two. So it is fitting that today, St Patrick’s day, that we sample an Irish brew.

Now the most famous of Irish brews is Guinness. Which I have drunk, once, as a much younger man. I hated it. Although I’d like to think my palette has matured, I still wasn’t going to risk it.

Rather I would stick to Irish beer that I knew I would like. And that brew is Kilkenny

Appearance:  Pours creamy and muddy. Then comes the fun part of drinking a Kilkenny, watching the foam fall and then clear. It’s like magic. What is left is a clear dark amber brew with a thick light tea coloured head.  

Made up readers question: Hey happy St Patrick’s day Leon, do you have a little bit of Irish in you? Oh and how the hell do they get the wacky head? Firstly, no, and you are starting to creep me out lately made up guy.  The ‘wacky’ head, well most beers are carbonated (and forced through the beer lines at your local pub) using carbon dioxide (CO2). Kilkenny beer gas is a mixture, mostly nitrogen with a part CO2. Somewhere arounf 70/30. Nitrogen creates smaller bubbles and dissolves into air less readily than CO2. This is why the head on a pint of properly poured Kilkenny (or Guiness) does that awesome falling thing and then lasts for so long.

Taste:  The beer feels soft in the mouth. The creamy head tickles your lips and the flavour seeps through. Just very soft carbonation (from the tiny tiny bubbles) and a slight bitterness, it lingers for a second and then departs.

It’s almost like this beer is a beer flavoured creamy tea.  

Packaging:  You should always look to drink it on tap. If you drink it in a can you have to put up with the ‘Widget’ which always makes me think of economics class, which sucks the fun out of everything.   

In conclusion:  A great beer, very refreshing and easy to drink, and a great alternative to Guinness, if like me you are a little girly.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks,

The Long Bow Yout-tube Clip: The best Irish song every – Fairytale in New York by the Pogues.


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