Norrebro Bryghus Paske Bock

Prologue  It’s time to get all exotic again. It’s back to Denmark, via North Melbourne. That’s right according to the label on this beer, the Norrebro Bryghus is imported into a Australia by a company called Northdown , which is headquartered 505 metres from my house.

So the journey for this beer was Kobenhavn Denmark, to Northdown in North Melbourne, to Slowbeer in Hawthorn, to my work in South Melbourne and finally back to North Melbourne and into my belly. I’m tempted to get on a plane back to the Northern Europe to complete the circle.

The goggle translating machine tells me that Paske Bock, means Easter Bock, one would only assume this means that this is a Bock style beer made for Easter.

Made up reader’s question: Hey Leon, wish I could have come with you to Two Brothers, that sounded rad, I’d love to spend more time with you. Anyway what the fuck is a Bock, is it like a dyslectic Beck’s?

Well sort of made up slightly creepy guy, Bock is the shortening of the name of the German town of Einbeck Einbeck being the town where they started brewing this style of beer back in the 14th century.

By why shorten it to Bock? Well those fun loving kids from Munich pronounce Einbeck, as Ein Bock, which means Billy Goat. So it quickly became goat or Bock.  To this day if you see a goat on a beer label it most likely means it’s a Bock style beer.

Bock is a strong german style lager. Oh and the Paske Bock is actually a doppelbock (or double bock) meaning it’s twice as strong as the regular variety – this one’s about 7.5%

Appearance:  This poured quite dark, with a slight reddish tinge. It had a foamy but full head, with these tiny little bubbles. I listened to the beer, because that what beer wankers do and I could hear the tiny little bubble crackling and the squawking of a single seagull (but that might have been a passing bird rather than the beer)

Smell:  It had a strong smell, like treacle.

Taste:  It felt almost homemade, or homebrewed. Slightly nutty. It was soft in the mouth but still felt full. There was a subtle wave of bitterness that sits on the middle of your tongue.

Packaging:  Something about this label screamed Ikea, or possibly high school mathematics textbook to me.  I don’t know if it was the weird 1970’s logo, or the strangely shaped bottle. Maybe it was the overall minimalism of it. Short story though – it’s cool.

In conclusion:  Reasonably hard going, but still quite rewarding. A little too sweet to be refreshing, more of a hearty strong beer.  

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint

6 Degrees of Norm:

  1. Paske Bock, mean Easter Bock
  2. Easter is famous for Rabbits
  3. Best rabbit movie of all time? Jimmy Stewarts 1950 movie – Harvey
  4. Who may have been the weird rabbit father of Charlotte Harvey
  5. Who was a hair stylist on Cheers for 17 episodes (1982-83)
  6. And probably did the hair of one George Wendt AKA Norm Peterson

5 thoughts on “Norrebro Bryghus Paske Bock

  1. I can close that loop for you Little Bro. I have spent several afternoons and evenings in the Norrebro Bryghus in Kobenhavn. It is a fine establishment with a long list of fine beers (although I never had that one). Remind me to give you a fridge magnet from there when I return to Oz….

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