Sinha Stout

Prologue  When I think of beers from the sub-continent, I don’t immediately think of stouts. I (perhaps wrongly) associate stouts with the cold climes of Europe, and specifically Ireland, Wales and England.

But you see Sinha Stout is not from those frosty parts. Rather it is from Sri Lanka, a country I would assume would be producing beers more like Singha (which is from nearby Thailand, and not to be confused with Sinha), Kingfisher (From India) or some other light tasting, but highly refreshing beer.

Any discussion of Sri Lankan beer centres around Sinha, more commonly the lager, but also the Stout, so I can only assume that it is the done thing in Sri Lanka to sit on the beach and crack open a stout at the end of the day.   

And what is good enough for them is good enough for me, although I will swap the beach for the couch.

Appearance:  Black with a thick brown head. This head does die quickly however.  

Smell:  From the smell you could tell it was high alcohol (about 8%). In fact the smell reminded me of ethanol (not that I go around sniffing ethanol)   

Taste:  There was next to no carbonation in this beer. I found it a little harsh. You could taste the alcohol in it both in the mouth and in the aftertaste. There was a bitterness to it, but I didn’t think it was from hops, it felt tarter than that.  

Packaging:  Sinha means Lion. So it should come as no surprise that there is a Lion on the label. A majestic beast, charging at you from a fire soaked black background. The gold frame and writing and makes this one of the classiest and most manly labels around  

In conclusion:  An interesting beer as it’s not exactly what I would expect from Sri Lanka, but I have to say overall I was a little disappointed. I found it a little too harsh for my liking.   

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner


2 thoughts on “Sinha Stout

  1. Rather hopeful the supply line is re-established in my parts. Since the civil war in Sri Lanka, my local shops haven’t had any to hand. But it’s a most excellent – not to shock you – dessert beer to my palette. Following on the heel of braised beef or lamb, it is a fine and relaxing tonic to the stomach and a balm to the nerves. Also fewer calories than chocolate cake. Served slightly chilled in summer, I would miss this distant but remarkable cousin of the stout clan. Harsh is unkind – in my opinion your use of that word marks you out as a less than keen tippler of the dark side. I hope that is not so. Many worthy ales and stouts await your exploration. Best of the days of Easter to you and the Sinha brewery. I wish resurrection and salvation for the sacrament of good beers worldwide.

  2. a poor review.
    this is a 9.5 out of ten stout! i was simply amazed at how smooth this stout is–
    clearly you know nothing. i give you a 0.05. pffft.

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