Forst Premium Lager

Prologue  Italians are known for their food, but really not so much for their beer. It was because of this amazing food that I found myself last week at our local Italian restaurant – Sosta. (

This is the type of restaurant where you spend a lot of time trying to narrow down your choices. Everything is sounds amazing. Then the waiter turns up and tells you about the specials and everything you thought you decided on gets thrown out the window and you order the whole roasted baby chicken on a mushroom ragu.

The beer list was a little easier five Italian lagers, some I’d encountered before and was not impressed with. So I went with the one I’d never heard of – Forst and hoped for the best.

Appearance:  It was a straw yellow colour with a minimal pure white head.   

Smell:  It smelt of wild yeast.

Taste:  Quite soft in the mouth, very crisp and refreshing. Thin in taste with no real hop character. More on the refreshing side of the ledger.

Possible drinking location : I feel that all of the Italian lagers would taste better in Italy, if only for the fact that you would be in Italy.  

Packaging:  Kind of boring. There is some Italian heritage with the use of white, green and red, but there is really not much to suggest it’s actually premium,.   

In conclusion:  Reasonably nice for a commercial pale euro lager  

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner.


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