Colonial Porter

Prologue  Colonial was not a brewery I had ever heard of. But there they were, three Colonial beers listed on the menu of my local gastro pub, LamarosI had to take the chance, I ordered the Porter and sat back in anticipation.

I had a horrible thought that the beer might be somehow connected to the Colonial pub in King Street in Melbourne, which is a pub I’ve been known to frequent before the football at Colonial Stadium Telstra dome, Etihad stadium. It was, and I imagine still is an ordinary pub.

The good news is the Colonial Brewing Company is not affiliated with it, and are not an ordinary brewery. The website tells me that they are situated in the Margaret River region of WA. The photos tell me that they seem to be run by a man with James May like hair and may be home to a bunch of horses and a chicken.

This bodes well.

Appearance:  The beer was dark, almost black. It had a thick brown head made up of large bubbles.    

Taste:  It was full in the mouth, but quite subtle in flavour with some fine carbonation.  There was some bitterness in the mid sip and then an aftertaste of burnt malt. The burnt nature giving it an almost acidic touch.  

Possible drinking location : Can I suggest jumping on a plane and heading over west, it looks pretty nice…


Packaging:  From what I can tell they don’t bottle their beers, so it might make it tough to find (they are only available in WA and Victoria). I can tell you that it comes in an awesome glass, it’s like this tall and skinny test tube. It makes you feel like a right beer wanker (in good way).  

Food Suggestion:  A drank this at Lamaro’s so anything I ate with it was going to be brilliant. I started with some seafood, which didn’t really suit it but then I had the Waygu minute steak with pine mushrooms and truffle butter mashed potatoes which suited the porter just fine. (admittedly it would have made dishwater taste good too)

In conclusion:  A good beer, not as smooth as the chocolate stouts I’ve been trying of late, but rather it’s more on the refreshing side with its subtle flavours.   

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks.

 Long bow Youtube clip: Because Colonial is from WA I present to Way out West by the Dingoes


4 thoughts on “Colonial Porter

  1. I popped into the Colonial a month ago. Very Underbelly. I was there at about 3 and the barmaid was displeased that I troubled her for a beer. A oncer.

  2. Great review! Colonial beers go alright indeed, I don’t mind their Pale Ale. However, their beers are not what the used to be…since their best brewers left in recent years.

    Colonial is part of the Colonial Leisure Group portfolio, run by Computershare founder Chris Morris. They also own Lucky Coq/Bimbo Deluxe, The Skinny Dog, Botanical and others, as listed at:

    (Chris Morris now also owns The Tote in Collingwood, I believe. Hence a recent battle to keep the inconic Tote from becoming another pizza bar.)

    Most of these pubs now have a selection of Colonial beers on tap, as their “in house” range. I find them far too expensive for their quality…but it is at least excellent to see craft beers providing a point of difference and choice against the usual draught taps!


    • Thanks for stopping by James, It appears that CLG also own Lamaro’s – which probably explains why it was on tap there. It’s a strange collection of pubs that they own actually – now over-arching theme to them – other than generally being overpriced.

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