Prologue  We are heading back to south-east asia today. Our country of choice. Nam.

Halida comes of Northern Vietnam. It claims to have unique Vietnamese recipe. I find the uniqueness of the recipe for be a little hard to believe. I know it sounds all exotic but in reality this is a pretty standard pilsener.

The clue might be in the name. My amazing grasp of the Vietnamese language (and clicking on first result on the Google machine) tells me that Halida means Hanoi Lien Doanh Danmach. The Danmach is the give away here. Danmach, or Denmark in good ‘ol US English means that this beer uses Danish brewery techniques.

Also it’s owned by Carlsberg.

Packaging:  There is a lot of gold here, including the gold foil over the bottle top, which as we have discussed before is not a preference of mine. Nice to see an Elephant on the label. Also good to see his trunk is up. An elephant with his trunk up is good luck, trunk down, back luck. It would appear that luck is just Elephant snot and it can fall out if you none too careful

Appearance:  Not surprisingly It’s a golden pale lager, with heaps of big fat bubbles on the pour. They rise quicklu to create a pure white foamy head which then bubbles away to a wispy head, supported by intermenant rising of tiny bubbles.

Smelled:  It smelled of nothing other than beer.  

Taste:  It reminded me quite a bit of Carlton draught. Which is to say it’s a mainstream pale lager with a slight touch of sweetness in the aftertaste (although not as much as Carlton), and is quite refreshing, but lacks anything too interesting.

In conclusion:  This is another of those beers that you would thoroughly enjoy when you are on holiday, you might even remember it fondly, reminisce about the night in that bar somewhere when you drunk Halida all night. But you have to wonder why they bother importing them to Australia as it’s just like a thousand other beers out there.  

Ranking:  Let’s have a schooner   

6 Degrees of Norm:

1. Halida is from Vietnam, setting for the Vietnam war.

2. Which was a major theme of ‘The Deer Hunter’

3. Which starred Robert De Niro

4. Who also starred in Raging Bull

5. Which also featured Nicholas Colasanto as Tommy Como

6. Who played ‘Coach’ in Cheers and served beers to Norm.   

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