Grand Ridge Natural Blonde

Prologue  I have a vague memory in the back of my mind about drinking a ‘blonde’ beer about nine years ago the first time I ever went to the Wye River Pub. I know that it was a micro brew, but no idea who actually made it. It was one of my first ‘craft beer’ experiences, The beer, along with the setting made quite an impression. I’ve been wondering ever since what that beer was.

Grand Ridge are pioneers in the Victorian microbrewers industry. There seems to be a new brewery opening every day, but these guys are old timers, starting way back in the 90’s. So I guess it is possible (although unlikely) that it was this beer.

Either way it was time to taste it again.

Packaging:  We’ve discussed the Grand Ridge labelling before, it’s very traditional, and let’s face it a little boring. Also the orange colouring on the label for this beer is not great – although I does communicate refreshment quite nicely.

Appearance:  It poured a hazy yellow orange colour, with a thin, call it wispy head. Although it should be noted that the head did stick around throughout the sipping.  

Taste:  I liked it. It is easy to drink, not hoppy, nor should it be given the style. There was just a hint of bitterness at the front of the sip and there the maltiness and wheatiness came through, with some fruity overtones, mainly orange. (Which one would assume explains the label colouring)

In conclusion:  A good beer. It’s a style I like, so that was a good start. I found it refreshing, and would happily spend an afternoon quaffing these.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint Thanks    


One thought on “Grand Ridge Natural Blonde

  1. The Wye River Pub. I once surfed out front and then spent the afternoon halving my sperm count at this establishment. The backoftheferry boys will visit it again one day.

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