Holgate Pilsner

Prologue  How is it that I’ve never officially tasted a Holgate beer? I think this might be another one of those beers that has been cast aside in my endless, and some would say mindless pursuit of new brews but Holgate is an old favourite and should be treated with respect. This brewery is a good solid, never let you down brewery.

Much like Kitty Kat, who was the dependable, never let you down drinker that every workplace needs. She was the person who would always come for a beer on a Friday night, more importantly she would be there at the end of the night, jug in hand.

But Kitty Kat is no more. Well, okay she’s not dead as such, but rather she has moved her drinking to another workplace and another pub.

It was because of this that she was celebrating here birthday not in South Melbourne, but rather in Richmond. And it was because of her that I found myself in the grungy old beer garden out the back of the GB with a Holgate Pilsener in my hand.  

Packaging:  Mine came out of the tap into my glass, but I have to say I’m a big big fan of the Holgate look. The slightly evil looking bull, the sun behind his head, the wheat, the crest it’s all very manly, classy and very cool.

Appearance:  It is quite a clear brew. It is yellow of colour, some might even say golden. There is a very little head, sort of wispy in fact with large bubbles at the edges, just a reminder that large bubbles means this beer hasn’t had much maturation.   

Taste:  No gas in the sip, just flavour, quite full in the mouth with just a hint of bitterness in the sip, but ultimately this could be described as crisp as that bitterness in fleeting.  

In conclusion:  An easy beer to drink, and interesting for a style that I find strays all too often into blandness.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint.     

Six Degrees of Norm:

  1. Holgate is brewed in the Keatings Hotel in Woodend
  2. Woodend was first surveyed by Major Thomas Mitchell in 1836
  3. Thomas Mitchell was an actor who co-starred with Jimmie Stewart in Mr Smith goes to Washington
  4. When Mr Smith was in Washington if he had a spare $157 he could buy a seat on the Acela Express  
  5. Which would take him all the way to Boston
  6. Where he could pop into Cheers and have a beer with Norm.  

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