Prologue  The regular readers (all four of you) would know that I recently had a death in the family. Tragically my local Montezumas was torn away from me. It was so young, it gave so much and asked so little.

But as Oasis tell us ‘you have to roll with it’, and as Tamia tells us ‘you gotta move on’ and as Yazz explains ‘The only way is up (baby)’ so I needed to find  a new Mexican restaurant to eat at.

I had seen Mexicali Rose a thousand times before, sitting as it does in Swan Street Richmond near that fine drinking establishment/trivia stadium/band venue the ‘Corner Hotel’ but I never had a need for it. I always ad Monty’s to fulfil my needs, but then it was gone and as Whitney Houston explains it was ‘a lonely place to be, so I learned to depend on me’ well me and Mexicali Rose.

So as I joined the chattering masses in my new Richmond located Mexican restaurant of choice, I scanned the beer menu and came up with my choice – Bohemia. It’s name suggested European style in Mexican beers, which sounded far more promising than Mexican style in Mexican beer.  

 Packaging:  This is very promising. Firstly it comes in a brown bottle, as all beer should rather than the clear monstrosities of Corona and Sol. The label uses deep chocolate browns and bronzes with a little Aztec fellow with the best headdress this side of the Rio Carnivale. There is gold foil over the cap and it all screams quality to me.’

Appearance:  A yellow commercial lager look, with some big fat bubbles and thick pure white head which bubbles away quickly.   

Taste:  Not bad actually, there is a maltiness and sweetness in the aftertaste which is unsual for a Mexican brew. There is no intrusive hoppiness just a subtle bitterness.     

In conclusion:  Flavoursome, one of the better Mexican brews. If you are in your local Mexican restaurant and you are looking for beer, stay away from the mainstream and head to Bohemia. Oh and Mexicali Rose – not a patch on Monty’s but reasonable (although my Chicken was a bit dry)   

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner.     

Long Bow YouTube Clip: ‘The greatest love of all’, but not by that crack whore Whitney, by a real star. You may know him as Joe the Policeman from the ‘What’s Going Down’ episode of ‘That’s my Mama’ it’s Randy Watson with Sexual Chocolate…..



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