Prologue  Who doesn’t love the Greeks? Not ‘The Greek’ from ‘The Wire’ he was a dodgy motherfucker but Greeks, lovable rolly polly, lamb eating, plate smashing, Zorba dancing Greeks.

Now when I’ve encountered my brothers from the Mediterranean isles I’ve never been struck by their overwhelming skill in drinking the malty liquid that is beer. They seem more interested in ouzo and grappa, but as we know beer unites the world. All cultures (except a few duds) drink beer in some form or another, so it makes sense that the ‘International beers’ section of Dan Murphy’s would include this beer.

So it’s time to scream Opa! And get stuck into the second most popular beer in Greece – that’s right it’s Mythos.  

Packaging:  Gold and green are not colours you often see on beer, or in Greek culture. I have to say I like it though. I particularly like the lettering, it makes me think this beer is playing for the local baseball team.   

Appearance:  It really does look like a commercial lager (why do Australians only import lagers, and don’t start with me on them being traditional beers drunk by ex-pats because this beer isn’t that old so there is no excuse) It is light yellow colour with a pure white head that I would like to describe as detergenty.     

Smell:  This is actually a very aromatic beer, it smells yeasty with just a touch of malt.       

Taste:  More body than I expected. Light on the gas, slight bitterness in the aftertaste but it disappears quickly to a crisp finish with just a hint of malt.      

In conclusion:  Not the worse beer in the world, not the best. It was better than I was expecting, but I must admit I’m getting a little bored with these euro style lagers.

Random Wikipedia Style Facts: In a land renowned for its history it is perhaps surprising that Mythos is only 14 years old – that’s right it was first brewed in 1997.  

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner.     

Six Degrees of Norm:

1.    My bottle of Mythos spent some time in Greece

2.    As did Jennifer Aniston (who lived there as a child, true)

3.    And she starred in Friends

4.    Which was occasionally (15 time) directed by James Burrows

5.    Who also directed a few (239 to be exact) episodes of Cheers

6.    Many of which included Norm having a beer. 


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