Donder & Bliksem

Prologue  If, like me, you speak fluent Dutch, you’ll know that Donder and Bliksem, means Thunder and Lightning.  

There was no thunder and lightning when I was drinking this brew, rather it was a pleasant Autumnal afternoon, I’d returned home from work and climbed the many stairs to our balcony to sit in the dying afternoon sun and enjoy this Dutch brew for Brouwerij De Molen.

When I got up there the whole of the balcony was bathed in orange light. If you are not a Melbournian you might not understand was Eureka tower is, so I’ll explain. Eureka is a 297.3 metre (975 ft for you Americans, or 91 storeys if you struggle with understand measurements) tower. Its top 10 floors are clad in 24 Carat gold plated glass windows.

On this particularly day, at this particular time the sun was hitting this gold cap in such a way that it was reflecting and intensifying the light straight onto my balcony (which is about 4km from the building). It was strange and just a little bit unnerving. It felt a little bit like the giant magnifying glass in the Simpsons, and I was the matchstick building.

Anyway check so the giant starburst in the photo above is The Eureka Tower, and the photo below is the building when it isn’t trying to kill me.

Packaging:  This is a very old school label. It looks a little like a comic of bible stories that some happy clapping Christians would have produced in 1974 to make God way cool. I can only assume the dude on the label is Thor (carrying a lightning bolt and a hammer with which to make thunder) but he really does look a little like Hey Zeus.    

Appearance:  The name is certainly apt because when I opened the bottle it exploded, there was froth and bubbles all over the shop. Not surprisingly there was a big fat frothy head which took a few minutes to die down.  

Smell:  The smell was subtle, there was a bit of yeast but not much else, either that or the smell molecules couldn’t punch through the huge head.

Taste:  It was surprisingly light on the fizz, it was full of beery flavours, maltiness and such, but not a huge hop taste.   

Food Suggestion:  I had it with crackers, Dijon mustard and some vintage cheese, it was all very civilised and pleasant.    

In conclusion:  Not as exotic as I was expecting, but a very nice beer all the same. Full of Flavour, yet easy to drink and dare I say it sessionable. Although finding a six pack of this in your local bottle-O might be difficult.   

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint      

Six Degrees of Norm:

  1. The label had Thor on it
  2. Which is the name of Lachy Hansen’s,(North Melbourne footballer) dad. This is amazingly cool, but not getting us closer to Norm so let’s go with….
  3. Thor is a Blockbuster Movie with stars Anthony Hopkins
  4. Who was in Chaplin with Dan Akroyd
  5. Who was in the Michael Jackson’s Liberian Girl Video with Whoopi Goldberg
  6. Who was in Made in America with Ted Danson, who of course served beers to Norm in Cheers.

 The Long Bow Youtube Clip:  This beer had a Giant Head…..   


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