Flying Horse Dirty Angel

Prologue The power of the internet, and social media in particular is a powerful beast. Because of the interwebs somewhere in the back of mind (it’s dusty and like Homer’s head there is a donkey in there) I had a thought that Flying Horse was a little bit dodgy.

Firing up the google machine I found a story I must have read a while ago. It was on a blog called ‘Victorian Microbrews.’ The Author had visited the Flying Horse Brewery and was left a little disappointed. You can read about it here: but the basic premise is that Flying Horse is just a big pokies funded venue, not the brewery in an historic stable kind of place. I think we could more accurately call them a Brewpub in the American sense rather than a brewery, either way this revelation left the writer (and now me through the magic of the information super highway) disappointed.   

In the interests of fair reporting I tried to look up the Flying Horse website – but was greeted with a message suggesting that they had used up all their bandwidth.

These two things have me wondering what’s going down in the ‘bool. But putting that aside it was time to don my beer drinking shoes and get stuck into the Dirty Angel.

Packaging:  I have to say I hate the name ‘Flying Horse Dirty Angel’ sounds like a strip joint, this trashy image is not helped by the blurb on the label which states ‘Anyone can have a blonde, why not pick up a dirty angel.’ Trashy.

Counteracting this is a very nice logo. And because Cadbury has taught me that purple means chocolate (although that will never hold up in a court of law) I’m expecting a luxurious chocolate themed brew.   

Further surfing on Crafty Pint tells me that ‘Dirty Angel’ is a nickname for the war memorial in Warrnambool.

Appearance: This is dark not surprisingly. It has a red tinge to the blackness. It has a tea coloured head which settles to a thin coating.      

Smell: Not a strong smell      

Taste: Not a strong taste either. Doesn’t taste like much at all in the front of the sip, soft in the mouth with little carbonation. There are some subtle flavours in the aftertaste, generally of the malty/mocha type – sort of like a liquid Ovalteenie, for adults.        

In conclusion:  I was a little disappointed here. I liked the tastes that were coming through, but I found it all a little light and thin. Perhaps it was a expectation thing, the label promised my heavenly, and let’s face it nothing was going to live up to that.

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner.     

Six Degrees of Norm:

1.    Flying Horse is from Warrnambool.

2.    As is Mick, who used to run Bev & Mick’s South Melbourne (my old local) but now runs the Turf Club in North Melbourne.

3.    And North Melbourne is the Football team that Li Cunxin barracks for.

4.    Who is the person Mao’s Last Dancer is based on ,which starred Kyle McLachlan

5.    Who starred in the play ‘On an Average Day’ in London’s  West End in August 2002 with Woody Harrelson

6.    Who played Woody and served beer to Norm in Cheers. 


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