Hahn White

Prologue  A cacophony of alarm bells and some blinding warning lights should have gone off when I ordered this beer. The reason for this is that the bartender responded to my request of the Hahn White with..

“We don’t have any fresh oranges to put in it, Is that okay?”

I was taken aback, why wouldn’t it be okay? I’ve never really wanted adjuncts put in my beer, no lemons, no lime, no raspberry cordial, occasionally some lemonade (when in Paris) and definitely no oranges.

The second warning sign was when she produced two giant towering glasses from beneath the bar. Everything started to stink of a marketing gimmick. Once she had poured my beers I got the final clue that I was being taken for a ride “That’s $13.40 please”

Packaging:  Stupid glasses are the order of the day if you are in a pub, if you pay $3.30 for a stubby in Dan Murphy’s you get a label that is more marketing gimmick. This is a summer beer, so of course it has a sun on it.   

Appearance: Clear yellow colour with a white head.

Taste: It claims to be ‘a Belgian style white beer made all the more refreshing with subtle orange notes.’  As Frewy (my drinking buddy for this brew) rightfully pointed out if this is a Belgian white beer it’s like Belgium has been replaced with its Disneyland doppelganger which has a ‘I can’t believe it’s not Belgian White beer’ soda fountain for which they sourced this ‘beer’.

This ‘beer’ doesn’t taste like beer at all. It tastes like orange flavoured mineral water. And not even good orange flavoured mineral water, really fake chemical tasting orange mineral water.        

In conclusion:  In the immortal words of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. Worse. Beer. Ever    

Ranking:  Nah Mate, Just a Butcher’s     

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