Hef (by Burleigh brewing)

Prologue I’ve always been a fan of Survivor. In the past I’ve even run a Survivor Tipping game. I’m also a huge fan of Go! – even if they seem to have an abnormal love of Green Acres, and bury their best show – TMZ during women’s daytime. So now that Survivor is on Go I’m a happy little man.

Now the gimmick of this series (other than Russell and Boston Rob coming back, why Boston Rob doesn’t stay at home with his new born children is anyones guess) is the concept of ‘Redemption Island’ this is like a half way house for the vanquished

I like the concept, I like it so much I stole it. So this is the first of the Redemption posts.

Not many beers in the history of Tipples have been blasted, but Burleigh Brewing is responsible for one of them – the Burleigh Big Head. The world’s most pointless beer

But I believe in second chances, and I’ve heard good things about Burleigh (in particular their Black Giraffe), so I started thinking Bighead might not have been representative of the brand.

So it’s time for their wheat beer – Hef to change my mind.  

Packaging:  There is no consistency between the Burleigh Brewing labels. You would struggle to recognise any of them as brothers. Whereas I hated the Bighead label I like this one. The Mo, big, bold, strong. As we know a love of facial hair = good beer so this bodes well.

Appearance: It is a golden yellow, slightly darker than a traditional wheat beer. It had trails of bubbles and a thin uneven head. It was slightly cloudy, and checking the bottle I could see a nice sludge left in the bottom.       

Smell: Hops, bitter hops & wheat, It’s a smell that is very familiar, like straw on a farm.        

Taste: Very interesting. Citrus in the front of the sip and then unmistakable sweet banana tones in the aftertaste, It feels smooth in the mouth, almost velvety with just a light carbonation and not too much bitterness.

In conclusion:  So much better than I was expecting. A really interesting wheat beer. I love the sweetness in the aftertaste. Redemption is Burleigh brewing’s.  

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint      

Six Degrees of Norm:

1.    The label has a awesome Mo

2.    As does Lachy Hansen, North Melbourne football and owner of Mow Man lawn mowing, this is interesting but not getting us closer to Norm so let’s go with….

3. As does Tom Selleck

4.    Who was in Three men and a Baby with Ted Danson

5.    Who was in Cheers

6.    Playing Sam Malone who owned the bar at which Norm drunk.   


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