Franziskaner Weissebier

Prologue Germany, One of the superpowers of beer. Famous for some purity law, and the world’s best know beer festival. They also have a love of sausages and beer gardens.

One would think therefore that Tipples would be all over this country’s beers. Yet despite my love of beer and a week spent in Berlin doing little more than drinking beer outside and consuming meat products (mind out of the gutter kids) Tipples has been a German-less domain.

That is until now, when we break out a Euro stubby of the easily pronounceable Franziskaner Weissebier

Packaging:  A monk rubbing his stomach whilst drinking a giant stein of beer – how could it get any better? It could be a 500ml stubby, oh look it is.

Appearance: Nice mist in the neck of the bottle as I opened this. Upon pouring into a glass is was cloudy golden colour with a white head which looked a little detergenty, this settled to a wispy swirl on the top of the beer.  

Smell: Agricultural and sweet, with scents of sweet banana  

Taste: Not as sweet as the scent would suggest. Quite gassy at the front of the sip, then a slight bitterness, before the sweet fruit aftertaste.

In conclusion:  A nice beer, easy to drink yet full of flavour, plus a monk with a beard, and a stein, Brilliant       

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint      

The Long Bow Youtube Clip:  You know the tradition – Euro Beer, Euro Vision. In fact Eurovision will be held in Germany this year (in Dusseldorf). Why? Because everyone’s favourite little German pop princess (well since Nena and her 99 red ballons) won it last year with a song called Satellite and her name Lena…. Check out the amazing accent.

and for you oldtimers…..

1 thought on “Franziskaner Weissebier

  1. You need to drink the Franz the right way:

    Pour it out fast, getting as big a head as possible. Then swirl the bottle around to gather all the leftover beer and foam inside and pour it on top of the head, like a paste.
    Let it settle, and enjoy. It’s memorable.

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