Beard & Brau Red Tail

Prologue There is a lot to like about this beer. Mainly the name. Beard & Brau.

As we know beards are cool, Hey Zeus had a beard and he is cool. Santa Claus had a beard and he’s cool too. Ned Kelly, beard, way cool. Confucius, beard. Lachie Hansen, sometimes beard, collest man on earth. That dude from Masterchef with the hat, beard. My Dad for a brief period in the 70’s had a beard and that was very funny and cool.  And they ain’t just for guys anymore. Katie Holmes, beard. Deborah Lee Furness, beard.

Plus as everyone knows people with beards consume 17% more beer than people than our follicly challenged betheren.*

Oh and if you speak fluent German, as I do** you know that brau means brew or beer

So Beards and Beer, brilliant name, hope the brau is beard worthy though….

Packaging:  The label has two dogs on it, which give me horrible flashbacks to when I was 15 or 16 (or 18 if you are a policeman, I wonder what the statute of limitations is on underage drinking?) and we used to get drunk on ‘Two Dogs’, which was a pre cursor to the wave of alcopops that fuelled teen pregnancies for the next decade or so.

This wasn’t a classy product, I still remember the advertisement which showed the paw prints where one dog who was clearly, how should I put this, mounting another dog, it asked the question ‘A six legged dog, or two dogs?”  Hopefully this brew is better than that.

Appearance: This was not red, but rather orange, it had big thick bubbles and an off white head. As I drank it brilliant lacing appeared on the glass.   

Smell: The label claims plum aromas. I almost thought I could sense them, along with just a hint of spice.  

Taste: It feels a little gassy in the mouth, but also has a nice bitterness coming through.

In conclusion:  It’s a good solid beer, but I struggled to find any breakthrough flavours. Having said all of that I was quite happily drink this again.      

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint      

The Long Bow Youtube Clip:  I can’t even explain what’s going on here….

* This statistic is completely made up

** I don’t speak German, although I do love the word Ausgang


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