Redoak Pale Ale

Prologue Redoak is one of the more successful brewers in Australia in terms of winning awards, in fact their website claims they are Australia’s most awarded brewery. Yet strangely you don’t hear a huge amount about them.

Maybe it’s a Melbourne Vs Sydney thing, but this is a brewery that has slipped under the radar for me. But then I found myself at a Dan Murphy’s last week and I was putting together a ‘Mixed 10’ and I thought, I should throw this beer in there.

Of course it was Dan Murphy’s so I’ve probably got the least interesting of the range. They make all sorts interesting brews like Choc-Cherry Stout and a Blackberry Hefeweizen, but the only brew that Big Dan is willing to throw a retail bone to is the Organic Pale ale.

Packaging:  This is probably the reason that I haven’t tried this beer before. The label is terrible. It’s boring, in the extreme, It feels very 1980’s family run vineyard to me and if I hadn’t known of Redoak’s reputation I would never have bought it. Of course my Mother would tell me to ‘Not judge a book by its cover.’ And I would tell her, how am I meant to judge it then? I can’t read it before I buy it (well I can, but I think Border’s proved that it’s not a long term retail strategy for anyone)  

Appearance: A greeny yellow colour, with a surprisingly  big bubbly foam head which disappears quickly, leaving a headless beer.  

Taste: It has an interesting fruit flavour, almost grape like in the front of the sip, then some toffee and then the hop bitterness, and a slightly metallic aftertaste.    

In conclusion:  I wanted to like this, and it is an interesting beer, and certainly different, but I just didn’t think it was that great, I am keen to try their other brews though.

Ranking:  Maybe just a Pot.       


2 thoughts on “Redoak Pale Ale

  1. The brewery is just around the corner from my work. If that is the only brewing site then their output won’t be massive. The variety offered at the brewhouse and restaurant is very broad and it is a must visit for anyone visiting Sydney.

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