BrewDog Trashy Blonde

Prologue  My relationship with BrewDog has been rocky. I went into it with high expectations, I’d heard all sorts of raving about these crazy Scottish brewers. I started with the Punk IPA – I didn’t like it much

Fast forward a couple of months and I’m at Beer Deluxe with a member of the Back of the Ferry crew and we try the Tokyo 18.2 – Which was outstanding.

Fast forward again to today, when we are going to be trying what I would consider their most mainstream beer – The Trashy Blonde. The question though is will it disappoint me like the IPA or knock my socks off like the imperial stout

Packaging:  The BrewDog kids love a bit of attitude, they consider themselves punk brewers. The labels have a little bit of a story on them. Here’s part of this one:

A titillating, neurotic, peroxide punk of a pale ale. Combining attitude, sytle substance and a little bit of low self esteem for good measure, what would your mother say. You really should just leave it alone, but you just can’t get the compulsive malt body and gorgeous dirty blonde colour out of your head.

Wow a blonde beer, with a label that likens it to a women, orginal. It all feels a little dad joke to me. Probably why you shouldn’t put jokes on a beer label. Just like jokes in blogs it get real old, real quick.

Appearance: Light golden yellow with white foamy head with a few small bubbles, each one individually making a break for the surface.    

Smells: Very strong smell, not malty but rather hoppy. I would say fruit, but it smelt more of an under-ripe plum than the standard passionfruit notes you seem to get with the more aromatic hops

Taste: The front of the sip is quite smooth but then the aftertaste kicks in and it all goes wrong. It’s just a heap of hops. Not fruity hops, not pleasant hops, just a  bitterness worthy of a women scorned (see what I did there?)       

In conclusion:  A strange brew, not hugely beery. There isn’t much of the ‘compulsive malt body’ in my opinion It’s only distinctive feature is the hops, which are not pleasant.   

Ranking:  Maybe just a Pot       

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