St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

Prologue: St Ambroise is made by McAuslan Brewery, in St Ambroise street Montreal Canada. Oh Canada, like the Australia of the north. The home of Degrassi Junior High and Robin Scherbatsky.

Of course McAuslan doesn’t make me think of Canada, rather I assumed they were a Scottish Deaf person living in Australia. Well at least it does it me.

That’s not really that funny unless you know that Australian sign language is called Auslan. But now that you do know that, it’s hilarious. Still no?  

Well look on the bright side you didn’t laugh, but you did learn something, We always like to provide something to our readers.

Packaging:  There is a lot to like here. A black and red label, designed in the old school European way, with a kick arse Griffin on the label. Which reminds me that the bar on campus at Monash Caulfield is/was called the Griff Inn, which I always thought was very clever given that the mascot of the uni is a Griffin. Again not funny, but how much useless information are we learning?   

Appearance: As you can see from the picture above this is a very dark brown brew, just a shade lighter than pure black. It is topped with a two fingered dense head which is a dirty brown colour.  

Smell: It smelt astringent (which is largely means bitter or caustic, does the learning ever end?), like burnt coffee beans, mixed with alcohol. If it possible I thought this beer had an after-smell of toffee (yep that’s right I just invented the concept of after-smell, some might call it a lingering smell, but I’m sticking with after-smell)

Taste: This is a very nice beer, but it’s also an unusual beer, somehow I’m claiming that the bitterness is in the front of the sip, and then it moves to maltiness in the mid sip and this an aftertaste of powdered chocolate. Not particularly thick in the mouth or anything.

In conclusion:  A seriously good beer. if you are a stout lover then you will definitely love this, if you haven’t tried stout before you could start with worse beers than this.     

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint

Six Degrees of Norm:

1. This beer is from Canada, just like Degrassi Junior High

2. Which starred Anais Granofsky as Lucy (remember when she had that party when her parents were away and they got drunk – that was a very special episode, or when she made the horror film and she got upset because everyone was laughing at it instead of being scared?)

3. Who also played Amy’s girlfriend #4 in ‘Three to Tango’

4. Which starred Matthew Perry who was in an episode of ‘Caroline in the City’

5. Which was directed by James Burrows

6. Who also directed Cheers – Which starred George Wendt as Norm   


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