Murray’s Nirvana Pale Ale

Prologue: Nirvana is the central concept of many Indian religions. It is the state of being free of pain. It quite literally means blowing out. That is the blowing out the fires of greed, hatred and delusion. An admirable state to be in, and some would argue a very apt name for a beer. A good beer at the end of a hard day can move one closer to Nirvana.

One could just as easily argue that too many beers and we will move further and further from nirvana, as greed, angryness and general shitblokeness take over. So heed Tipples warnings, treat beer with the respect it deserves, It’s an art form not a way for you to pretend you are more liked than you are.

Sermon over guys, back to the beer. It’s made by Murrays – which is fast becoming a favourite of mine, and many others. I note that in the recent book ‘Australia’s best beers’  Murrays account for seven of the 100 top beers – more than any other brewery. Their highest rating was 4 for the Icon IPA, and although Nirvana Pale Ale was somewhere in the eighties it should be pretty good.

Packaging:  This appears to have had a change at some point the old one seems to have a cartoon of a Kangaroo on it, which is odd and a little rustic for my liking. The new one, shown above, is simple strong, easily recognisable which would be important for this their most mainstream of beers  and the yellow colouring suggests to me that this is going to be refreshing.    

Appearance: This poured with quite a large head that was slightly yellow rather than the more traditional pure white. The brew was a golden/darkish yellow and a little bit hazy.

Taste: It felt a little thin in the mouth. Citrusy, almost to the point of being tangy. I’m going to take a wild guess a say that there is a bucket load of cascade hops in there , which makes it reminiscent of the far more popular (but I think not as good) Little Creatures.

In conclusion:  This is a great beer, refreshing, interesting, but it did seem to have one problem, every time I put it down to have a bite of my food Jord would steal it to take a sip. So my advice to you is; Buy two, one for you and one for your girlfriend.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint

The (not so) long bow Youtube clip: You know I have to do it – It’s Nirvana with ‘Smells like Teen Spirit”  


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