The United States of Beer – Introduction

The United States of America, land of giant cars, giant food, and loud people. Also home to somehwere around 2000 breweries, so an obivious place to taste a few beers.

And by a few I mean 50 – that’s right I tasted a nice round 50 different beers in the three weeks that I was in the glouris cities of New York, Washington DC and San Francisco

I dark in resturants, in cafes, in four different breweries, in tiny little bars, in a music venue, before broadway plays, on boats, I drank on my birthday, in resturants that served nothing but mac and chesse, I drank at bars named after me, I drank at Yankee Stadium, hell I even drank in a hotel room a couple of times.

Some drinks were big (standard size in the US is a pint) some where tiny. Some where amazing, most were very good, very very few were ordinary.

I never wanted for choice, as it was not unusual to see 10 or more different beers on tap in a bar (and up to 30 different ones at true beer bars).

So strap yourselves in becuase over the next 3-4 weeks I’ll be telling you of my US advenutres in beer, but fear not I’ll be mixing these in with local brews, becuase as we all know there is always another beer to taste…….

oh and every advenutre needs a them song so I give you the theme from Team America


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