St Ambroise Pale Ale

Prologue:  It is a boring day at rainbow house, I’m surrounded by empty desks due to a combination of holidays and sickness and there ain’t much going on. Outside it is grey and rainy and we are all a little flat as one of the stalwarts of the rainbow house (he’s been around since it was called the big green building) is leaving us.

That’s right the co-creator of Tipples is leaving the nest, moving on to sell macro beer to the masses. Of course just like his work ethic in this blog he is nowhere to be found this afternoon but as a little tribute to him I popped down to Swords at South Melbourne market at lunchtime and picked up a brew

This is a tribute because that’s how this site started. MB wanted learn more about beer so every Friday we would pop down to Swords and grab a new beer, then late on a Friday evening we would hide in a corner of the office and drink it.

So here I sit with a St Ambroise Pale Ale in hand and pretending to work.  

Packaging: Pretty standard stuff, the St Ambroise logo with the Griffen, but with a nice gold background. The choice of white writing on gold seems weird, but whatever man.

Appearance: More of a dark amber than a pale ale, with tiny little bubbles trailing through it and a thickish head which disappears quickly.    

Smell: It has a very strong smell, This is going to sound strange but it smells like burnt honey.    

Taste: A slight fizz to it, and some flavour in the front of the sip, and again overtones of honey. Very little hop character in the aftertaste though.  

In conclusion:  Not at all what I was expecting, it is sweeter, and more fully bodied that the American Pale Ales I’ve been living on of late, unfortunately it is also quite a bit crisper without much hop character, which I think lets it down slightly but not a bad beer, and very well suited to drinking on a cold afternoon in the office.

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner

Long bow You Tube Clip:  Because MB is as funny as Norm

And as smart as Cliff Clavin


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