Razorback Red Ale

Prologue:  Back in the day I launched the concept of redemption beers – that is breweries who produced some of the crappiest beers in Tipples history getting another shot at impressing me.

Burleigh brewing managed to win me back with Hef. The question now if can Snowy Mountians brewing’s Razorback impress me when Crackenback  failed.

Now a quick zip around the internet tells me that this brew has really nothing to do with the Snowy Mountains, It is not brewed, nor ever has been brewed in the Snowy Mountains. I found an article from 2008 saying it was brewed under contract by some dude called Kevin O’Neill.

More recent information makes me convinced that there isn’t even a man from Snowy River anymore, The brand now seems to be part of the Baron’s Brewing ‘empire’

So this is one of those beers which has a shady back story and an Ill defined place in the market, but strangely has good distribution and can be found in any half decent Dan Murphy’s  

Packaging: They are really pushing the snowy mountains thing here aren’t they? Snowy Mountains is written five times on the front of the beer, and just in case you didn’t get that subtlety there is a picture of a mountain, with snow on it, and of course the neck label is in the shape of a mountain range.

Gee this beer must be so pure coming from a place with so much pure water and pure mountain air.

This would all be fine if the beer was actually produced somewhere near the mountains rather than in some suburban brewery. It all feels a little Mount Franklin or Fiji water to me – which is to say highly disingenuous and bordering on a straight out flim flam

Appearance: This beer definitely has a red tinge to it, with an off white head. There isn’t a huge amount of carbonation in there either.     

Smell: There not much on the nose actually (other than the marketing clap trap). There are some slight yeasty notes but that’s about it     

Taste: It has a interesting taste, almost sweet at the front of the sip with toffee notes and then some subtle hops coming through, not really making it bitter per say but rather just removing the sweetness.     

In conclusion:  It quite a nice beer, certainly better than their Crackenback. I’m not sure I’m a convert to the Snowy River scene, but it’s an interesting brew and I have to give them points for producing something a different to the mainstream.  

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner

6 Degree of Norm: Where we prove you can link every beer back to Norm from Cheers in six easy steps.  

  1. This beer is ‘from’ Snowy River the same way that Tom Burlinson is.
  2. Who was the time guardian in the brilliant 1987 film ‘The Time Guardian’
  3. Which also starred Dean Stockwell who was the Tony Danza Show.  
  4. Tony Danza of course got his start in ‘Taxi’, alongside Danny deVito         
  5. Who is Rhea Perlman’s husband
  6. And Rhea played Carla, who of course served beer to Norm

 Long Bow Youtube Clip: Who would have thought there were so many Americans (and fake beards) in Snowy River?


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