Zywiec Porter

Prologue:  Another day, another porter. Due to some trick in the drinking  space time continuum we have ended up with a huge run of Porters of late. But I have my reasons.

My reason on this was that I saw Zywiec in my local Dan Murphy’s – Thought – Hmmmmmm Poland there is a previously unexplored region in the Tipples empire.

Then I had the choice between what I assumed to be an uninspired pale euro lager, and the darker porter. Not surprisingly I choose the Porter.

Packaging: I’ve often thought that beer is one of the major causes of dancing in society, this label seems to prove that.  

Smell: It smells of roasted malt – which let’s face it isn’t too surprising, but what is more concerning is the definitive smell of alcohol. Something about this tells me this is going to be a harsh experience (much like Poland itself I would think)   

Appearance: Dark brown with two fingers of tea coloured head which was a touch on the detergenty side (rather than creamy).       

Taste: Really tough drinking actually. Hoppy and very bitter, but not really in a good way. Rather it was more in a acidic sort of fashion which makes the whole brew almost tangy, rather than malty which I would expect from a porter.   

In conclusion:  Not a great beer – I tried to avoid the boring beer syndrome, but seemed to stumble into unpleasant beer land     

Ranking:  Maybe just a Pot.  


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