Monteith’s Winter Ale

Prologue:  Way back in the day, I told you about my New Years Eve and Monteith’s Summer Ale.  I even suggested that this was an exceptionally good beer.

But Summer turned to Autumn, which in turn became winter (as it is want to do), so one can no longer turn to the gingery goodness of the Summer Ale. Instead we must look to dark brews, winter ales if you will.

Given Monteith’s track record on this site (Two Pint’s and a Jug) it was not difficult to convince Jordan that we should pick up this brew when we saw it on the shelf. It was also not difficult to convince her the very next day that we should drink it with our dinner.

Packaging: The standard Monteith’s stuff, but a nice warm amber colour to make you feel all warm and cosy. By the way this ‘Winter Ale’ is actually a Doppelbock, As we learnt here a Doppelbock is a stronger than normal German style lager – this one’s about 6%

Appearance:  This was a dark brown colour (winter in brewers minds means dark) with a solid tan coloured head.  

Smell:  It had a very slight roasted coffee smell.  

Taste:  A good beer, sweet mocha tones at the front of the sip before the hops kick into to remove that sweetness quick smart. As this is a fairly commercial brew it then ends quite crisp.

Food companion: We actually had this with a light tomato chilli pasta, which I know is not what you expect to go with a wintery ale, but I assure you it worked brilliantly. But hey that might just be my wicked cooking skills.

In conclusion:  Not as interesting as their Summer Ale but still a good beer. It’s like a toned down porter, easy to drink and a great entry to the world of darker beers.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks  

The Long Bow YouTube Clip:  A great New Zealand band – It’s Crowded House (that’ll piss off the Aussies) with Weather with You.


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