2 Brother’s Grizz

Prologue:  It’s been a little while since I reviewed something from the boys at my favourite brewery – 2 Brother’s.

Since I last reviewed them Dave and Andrew (the 2 Brother’s of the title) have had some good news. Their Barley Wine Beer – Guv’nor, which I reviewed way back when won the Premier’s trophy (although what old Teddy boy would know about beer is anyone’s guess) for the best Victorian Beer in the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA).

So when I found out that I would be spending some time in the country over the recent long weekend and I needed to put together a short list of quality beers for drinking by a fireplace the 2Brother’s Grizz was at top of the list. (Look out for other upcoming reviews from this weekend including a few more stouts, because we don’t have enough of them, and a brewery visit)

The Grizz is not to be confused with the 2 Brother’s Growler. The Grizz is an American style Amber ale. Whereas the Growler is an American Style Brown Ale. Huge difference here. This confusion isn’t helped by growler also being a term for the 2L bottles used for take-away draught beer. Think of the confusion if you siddled up to the bar down at Moorabbin and requested a growler of Grizz, or a growler of Grizz and a pot of Growler, or perhaps and growler of Growler, a pot of Grizz and pint of Guv’nor. It’s all getting a little Dr Suess.

Packaging: We have discussed before that 2Brother’s have awesome labels, this being a seasonal brew has the more modest ‘typeface’ label, which gives a nice ‘limited run feel’ as it includes such details like the initials of the brewer of that batch.

Appearance: Now this is an amber ale (not the brown ale of the Growler) yet it is a dark brown colour, I guess it’s the red tinges that denote this as an amber ale. It has a white head which is foamy, and laces down the glass.

Smell: There are tones of caramelised fruits in there, like dried plums.   

Taste: Nice – Full in the mouth and well balanced. The guys claim that this is a high hopped in the American style, but I would have to disagree, it is more balanced than American craft brews (which I feel rely too much of bitter hops) rather this is sweet with malt in the body and any hop characteristics are giving it fruit notes rather than the often unpleasant American kick in the head hop tones.   

Food companion: We were drinking this whilst eating cheese and crackers and this beer was strong enough both in flavour and alcohol to hold its own.

In conclusion:  A very nice beer. I’m not convinced that it’s on style, but I think it’s a nice Australian version of an American Amber Ale. Well worth seeking out, and further proof that 2Brother’s are one of the most consistently impressive breweries in Victoria.  

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks  

The Moorabbin brewery - Well worth a visit


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