NZ Mash-up Ale

Prologue:  Jordan’s dad has a theory that if you put twenty people in a room, any twenty be they politicians, Nobel laureates, your friends, your workmates, even your own family and least one of them will be a total fuckwit. (Jordan on the other hand believes that out of 20, at least 17 will be fuckwits)

So you would have to consider that a beer that is a collaboration between 44 brewers would be a total disaster. Why anyone would every think getting 44 brewers input into the recipe for beer is a good idea is beyond me.

Although the answer to that question may lie in the following statement:

“Luke Nicholas, president and founder of Epic Brewing Company in Auckland and new recruit, Kelly Ryan, who recently joined Epic after a successful brewing career with multi-award winning Thornbridge Brewery in the UK took up the challenge of visiting as many breweries as they could over a 17 day period.

Film crew in tow, they travelled the country by camper van, covering almost 4500 kilometres as they documented the current craft beer scene. Visiting breweries, sampling beers”

Not a bad scam that – go on New Zealand biggest pub crawl, take a film crew, then return home and brew a ‘Collaborative ale. Then you can claim to it’s all ‘research’ might even make it all tax deductible?

Packaging: The label is all old school and New Zealandie, There is a map, and a kiwi and some Maori stuff, and a list of what I assume is almost every micro brewery in the land of the long white cloud. Oh and because it’s bottled by Epic it’s in one of their awesome 500ml stubbies.  

Appearance: It looks great. It’s a deep golden yellow with a wispy white head.  

Smell: A really strong passionfruit smell.  

Taste: The brew feels quite thick in the mouth, a little gassy at the front, The hop bitterness is really very strong, it lingers in your cheeks for a good minute or so after the sip.  

In conclusion:  The hops are a little too strong for my liking. It’s interesting and very American in its approach. I appreciate it for what it is. It’s brought the (NZ) hops front and centre and it’s aimed a beer aficionados only, I’m just not sure that I would be seeking it out every night though.   

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks  

The long bow YouTube Clip :  I can’t think of New Zealand, without thinking about the awesome comedy series ‘7 Periods with Mr Gromsby’

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