Haandbryggeriet Farewell Ale

Prologue:  A little while ago I told you about my love for the Tamarillo which is something that only New Zealanders seem to know about.

Today we shall be discussing the other rockstar fruit on New Zealand the Feijoa. I like to think of the Feijoa as the Neil Finn of the New Zealand fruit world. Kiwifruit has of course completely sold out, and if I could think of a New Zealand band that had sold out to become popular this analogy would work a lot better – maybe that dude who sang ‘How Bizarre’, although I don’t think he ever had a second hit, so maybe not. But anyway back to the beer.

Have I found Feijoa beer? Nope although it does exist apparently There is a beery connection to the Feijoa though. And it’s through a site called ‘Ale of a Time’, which as well as tasting beers shares the odd recipe including one for Apple and Feijoa Crumble.

So when I happened upon a Feijoa bush on a recent country sojourn it was obvious what I was going to happen. I was going to get my crumble on.

But what beer to have with it? I needed something special, something a little exotic. Something with a name so strange that I can’t spell it, let alone order it in a pub. I needed Haandbryggeriet Farewell Ale.

Packaging: This looks like a do it yourself job. Like the brewers went the fete at their local primary school and bought a 1970’s black and white photocopier. They have then spent about 3 cents on a graphic artist to draw a picture in a 1970’s art class style. But then again they are Norwegian, and if A-Ha taught us anything it’s that Norwegians are cooler than us, so what would I know?    

Appearance: An opaque dark brown with a tan head.

Smell: It smells like homebrew, good homebrew, but homebrew none the less. There are some slightly astringent or tart notes in there as well.   

Taste: Gassy in the first instance, and almost homebrew like, which is to say a little on the sweet side, full of flavour, but slightly rough. Roasted malt tones are coming through, as well as some herbs and spices which are unusual and as such are a little unsettling.

Food Companion:  So how did the Apple and Feijoa crumble go? Not too bad, it was slightly too almondy for my liking, but you can’t really go wrong with crumble, thanks Ale of a Time for the recipe. As for this beer as a companion; It did okay, but I’m a traditionalist so I was hoping for a sweeter brew, like a barley wine beer or a chocolate porter. In fact I did have the leftover crumble with a leftover bottle of Choc Hops the next day and it was fantastic.

In conclusion:  An interesting beer. Quite nice, but not brilliant I’m not sure I would bother seeking it out again.     

Ranking:  I’ll have a schooner   

Long Bow YouTube Clip : Turns out How Bizarre was sung by a band called OMC, and I challenge you to watch this clip and then try to get this song out of your head.

3 thoughts on “Haandbryggeriet Farewell Ale

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’ve heard talk of homebrewers who are using feijoa in pilsners or pale ales.

    Also, I haven’t tried the Haandbryggeriet Farewell, but I had their Norwegian Wood (smoked ale) with a rhubarb and apple crumble at a pub recently, It was really nice, the sweet/sour rhubarb along with the smokey beer was a great winter warmer.

  2. Strange you mention that Luke, becuase the concept of making a feijoa wheat beer has prompted me to think about taking up homebrewing again. I haven’t actually started doing it, just thinking about it. But all things going well I might be reviewing my own feijoa Wheat beer in about 5 or 6 weeks time.

  3. feijoa’s oh you kiwi’s, good on you for inventing a fruit.

    the unpronouncable beers a pretty good from the couple I’ve tried, the harvest and the smoke. The Scandi’s do seem to make some nice beers. Now you Kiwi’s go back to inventing fruit!

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