Taddy Porter

Prologue:  Over the last few weeks I given shout-outs to Back of the Ferry here, Fifty-two bottles here, and Ale of a Time here so it seems only fair that

I continue this brew flavoured love-in with a mention of another beer blog that is in my list of drinking buddies over at the side. This time it is the list worthy Mason Hell-Cat (to understand that joke you need to understand that Frewy keeps a list of wacky named people that we come in contact with; Austin Chesterfield the third is my favourite)  Anyway the point is way back when Mason or is that Mr Hell-Cat reviewed a beer named the Famous Taddy Porter.

I instantly thought, hmmmm, porter, sounds like my sort of drink, so I rushed off to Cloudwine and got myself a bottle. See how blogs and word of mouth influenced my purchasing behaviour? Take note marketing gurus, take note brewers who would like to give me free beer, I could actually influence someone to buy your beer.

Of course I then put it in the cupboard under the stairs and completely forgot about it, until now, almost six months later it reappears.

Packaging: Mason seemed to like the label, I fricken hate it, it reminds me of sherry bottles, and thus something an eighty year old women would drink. I’m all for ancient recipes, and heritage but want modern packaging or at the very least old style packaging that I can claim is ironic and kitsch, this is neither it’s just ugly.

Appearance: This is yet another black beer (I really do promise I’ll get over this porter thing soon) with a thin head. (maybe that had something to do with being under the stairs for six months)

Smell: There are classic roasted malt, slightly acidic roasted coffee tones in the aroma.   

Taste: There is very little carbonation in this which isn’t a problem as it’s so packed full of flavour. I feels silky smooth in the mouth and very well balanced. Not too malty or too bitter.  

In conclusion:  There is nothing fancy about this beer. It’s simple, but it’s also simply fantastic. It’s beautifully balanced, refreshing, interesting and enjoyable to drink.     

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint.   

Six Degrees of Norm: Where we prove that all beers canbe linked back to George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) in 6 easy steps:

The full name of this beer is Samuel Smith’s famous Taddy Porter

  1.  Samuel Smith is also the name of a actor who was in The Sopranos
  2. Which also started Jamie-Lynn Sigler  
  3. Who was in Entourage, as was Ed Burns (as himself)
  4. Who was in Saving Private Ryan
  5. As was Ted Danson who served beers to Hillary Norman ‘Norm’ Peterson.  

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