Mountain Goat Rare Breed Double Hightail ale

Prologue:  I lack a pointless (yet hopefully amusing) preamble for you today. In desperation I found a definition of Hightail. It (loosely) means ‘To go as fast as possible’

This beer is a Double Hightail – which I can only assume means this is the world’s fastest moving beer. Perhaps it’s a reference to needing to move quick to get a bottle. My crude maths tells me that there was only about 2,800 bottles of this limited edition brew made.

It’s actually much more likely that the double hightail has nothing to do with speed and everything to do with the fact that this is the more intense version of Mountain Goat’s standard Hightail Ale. The spiel from the marketeers out at Mountain Goat tells me it’s more, more hops, more malt, more hightail.

Hightail is a good beer, so this should be a good beer to.

Packaging: Brilliant, Firstly it’s a longneck so it’s great for sharing (or having twice as much which is what I did). This is a label for beer wankers, Likely to be missed by the plain lager swilling general public, but devoured by beery nerds. There is also something comforting about it has a handcrafted feel, like a fish and chip shop in the 1950’s wrapping their Fish and Chips in yesterday’s newspaper.   

Smell: Just fantastic, Toffee, I’m assuming from the malts and fruits like candied mandarins or oranges, one would assume from the Galaxy hops.

Appearance: It’s a burnt orange colour with a wispy tan coloured head.

Taste: Balanced is the obvious description. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much time in the land of American big hop brews latety, but I’m finding a lack of overt hoppiness in beers at the moment. That’s not to say this is bad, I find a good balanced beer a lot more enjoyable than a smack you in the head high hopped brew.

This beer has hints of malt, fruity flavours from the hops but none of these really stand out. They just combine to make a very enjoyable brew.

In conclusion: If this was slightly more malty, rather than fruity I would marry it but as is it’s still a great beer. Not sure how easy this one is going to be to find, but if you see some buy it, drink it, enjoy it.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks,    

Long Bow You Tube Clip:  I can’t think of Mountain Goat without thinking of ‘City of Crime’ from the movie version of Dragnet. Why? It includes the line ‘Dancing around on the Goat Skin Pants.” Remember when everyone rapped? – Even white academy winners.   


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