Coopers Dark Ale

Prologue:  Some days call for a beer a lunchtime. Some days are unpleasant, or cold, or hot, or joyous. Some days you need to cheer up, warm up, cool down, or celebrate with a brew.

This approach to life is frowned upon by many, sure you might get away with the sneaky lunchtime brew on a weekend, maybe even on a Friday, but is it right to sneak in a brew in the middle of your working Wednesday?

I say yes, I say sometimes you just need a little treat mid way through your day. And this day was one of those days. There was a lot going on at work, and it was cold, very cold outside. The only remedy for this was to head to one of our favourite cafes – Stove Monkey.

Here you could get a nice Pumpkin soup (in Jord’s case), or pork belly sandwich (in my case), or whatever it was that Frewy was eating.

What I like about the Stove Monkey kids is that they have a impressive range of beers (something like 10 to 12 which is a bit weird for a café that seats maybe 15 people, at best) As it was cold it felt like a Dark Ale sort of day – Coopers Dark ale to be specific.        

Packaging: The standard Coopers look – but with a brown colours, because this is a dark ale – The label design department of Coopers must be an exciting place to work.

Appearance: It’s a dark brown beer, amber at the bottom which makes some sense given this is a dark ale not a stout or a porter. It has basically no head, but plenty of tiny bubbles coursing through it. Being a Coopers there is yeast floating around in it too.     

Taste: It a balanced beer, nutty and roasted flavours are in the front of the sip, not too sweet, but also not particularly hoppy. Refreshing, and a nice alternative for a winter’s day.  

In conclusion:  I quite liked this. Although I have to relay a story I heard from someone (with reasonably good beer tastebuds)  a couple of days later when they told me they tried this brew on tap and thought it was ‘The worst beer I’ve ever had  bland and tastes like water.’   

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner   

6 Degrees of Norm:

  1. I had this beer at Stove Monkey
  2. And monkeys feature in a number of films.
  3. Like ‘Dunstan Checks In’
  4. Which starred (sadly) Jason Alexander
  5. Who was also in A Christmas Carol with Kelsey Grammer
  6. Who played Frasier in Cheers, who often drunk with Norm.  

5 thoughts on “Coopers Dark Ale

  1. One of my all time favourites. On tap at a favorite Melbourne pub – Labo(u)?r in Vain. In Melbourne with Illiards on Tuesday. Thinking of Collingwood pub crawl. You’d be more than welcome to join, but at the very least, what’s your pick/recommendation?

  2. Yeah what Andre said. Can’t make it next Tuesday, I have a dinner with a client. Sounds like it’ll be a good one though – just don’t attempt to eat the bogan burger at the Napier, it’s a mistake.

  3. how could something called a bogan burger be a mistake? Also Tipples I’m not ceratin of the link between the brow lable and the brown beer, the Coopers stout has a mainly yellow lable?

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