And the award goes too…….

I received an email late on Friday night saying I’d won something. Normally I have ‘won’ the chance to help some Nigerian business man smuggle his riches out of the country and all I have to do is hand over my banking details. But this time the sender didn’t want to fleece me, rather they wanted to inform me that ‘Great Set of Tipples’ was their ‘Favourite Beer site of the month (July 2011)’

Now isn’t that nice? I’m really quite chuffed that someone on the other side of the world is interested enough in this site to not only read it, but recommend it.

In turn I’m going to recommend their site to you. It’s at and gives a nice view into beer in America, and in particular Florida. Now the only beer I’ve ever tasted from Florida is Cigar City Maduro Brown which was awesome ergo this site must be worth reading – so you know get into it.

Oh and if anyone missed it back in June I was named Beer Blogger of the month by Crafty Pint which again is far and away the best site of the internet for keeping up to date on the craft beer scene in the land downunder.

This has been the best run of beer related awards that I’ve had since back to back wins in the K.R.S.L.C.B.C. (The Kennet River Slightly Less Crap Beer Competition) which was a homebrewing competition between myself and a friend of mine Chris. It even had a trophy which consisted of a pot glass that we stole from the Wye river pub super glued onto a rock we stole from Kennet River itself.


4 thoughts on “And the award goes too…….

  1. The Kennett River Slightly Less Crap beer competition predated this website by a good 6 or so years, so unfortunately has never been mentioned, but there are a couple of hints scattered through the site

    I did find some very old beer which may have come from the same batch as the award winning batch and drank it in a backyard over christmas, you can read about that here….

    And we still go to Kennet River, which you can read about here –

    I doubt the competition has a future as it would appear that the trophy has also been lost as I went looking for it last night and couldn’t find it, oh and the lack of homebrewing by Chris and/or myself doesn’t help either.

  2. More of a Lorne fan myself, I go there every year but have never had a home brew comp fit in with the trip. Also if you want to speak to the brewers from Prickly Moses (as per your link to the summer ale) they will be at Young and Jacksons tonight from 5.30 having a beer or two.

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