Grand Ridge Moonshine

Prologue:  There is something about the name moonshine that makes me think of ceramic jugs and guys in bib and brace overalls with no teeth. This would be because Moonshine in the technical sense means a distilled spirit made in an unlicensed still. The name in fact derives from the Appalachian (which makes me think of short hairless albinos, but I digress) distillers who worked by the light of the moon to not be discovered.

This Moonshine is not distilled, nor is it illegal, rather it’s an inaccurately named beer from the most successful Mirboo North based brewery – Grand Ridge.

Moonshine is actually an extra strong (8.5% strong in fact) pure malt beer, they describe it as a cross between scotch ale or barley wine.

Packaging: The standard Grand Ridge thing, which I’m not a huge fan of, but with a purple background, which in beer labelling parlance means sweet beer (often seen in the porter/stout market).

Smell: Not much of what many would consider traditional beer smells, rather it has fruity ripe plums and alike, mixed with alcohol.

Appearance: It’s a dark brown colour, a little hazy with a very wispy head.

Taste: This is interesting for its complexity and balance. It’s absolutely full of flavour, chocolates, fruits, sherry, everything you expect and more. It doesn’t feel overly alcoholic, nor is it particularly hoppy.  

In conclusion: This is like a three course meal in a glass, if all three of these courses were dessert. The overall impression is a big full flavoured sweet and slightly sticky beer.

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks,    

Long Bow You Tube Clip: This is the sort of thing I had in mind, although this guy appears to not be so poor he can’t afford a jug, he has to use a box (ha ha you said box)



4 thoughts on “Grand Ridge Moonshine

  1. RE: the clip… it is a beer box…#9 from Vermont’s hippy-ish Magic Hat Brewery if I’m not mistaken…

    That was the first beer I had on arrival in NYC back in March…

  2. really? you like this stuff? I struggle with all of the Grand Ridge beers, awards or no awards.

    As for the beetroot I have a plan to put some in a beer, no idea how that one will turn out?

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