Kooinda Pale Ale

Prologue:  Kooinda is another of those breweries that beer wankers love but the general public basically haven’t heard of. I’m sure if they had heard of them they would love the story.

In a nutshell it’s the story of 4 families who love beer so much they decide build a brewery in the backyard, six or so years on they are still producing great beer, and they still a smallish operation, brewing in 800L batches, which is about 2,400 stubbies to you and me, or 100 slabs. Although I note they have just moved out of the backyard to new bigger brewery, there was talk of 880L batches.  

They will always have a special place in my heart for filling my tasting glass all the way to the top at the Microbrewers showcase, that’s the sign of a good bloke and a good brewery.

And their main beer an American Style Pale Ale. American of course meaning highly hopped.  

Packaging:  This is where the love fest stops for me. Their website tells me that the label is award winning, but it does nothing for me, too weekend craft market for my liking.  

Smell: As it should be the aroma is dominated by Hops, It has hints of citrus, but I also thought resiny grassy tones as well.   

Appearance: This looks brilliant, it is a wonderful honey colour with a nice solid slightly creamy head, which laced on the glass nicely.  

Taste: What a good pale ale should taste like. It have a nice body at the front of the sip then the hops come through and sits in the side of your mouth, but not in an unpleasant way, rather in a way that reminds you that you have just had a great beer.   

In conclusion: Just a great quality beer. No fancy marketing spiel, no fancy labels, no bullshit, just great beer.

Ranking:  I’ll have a pint thanks.      

Six degrees of Norm: Where we link back every beer to Norm from Cheers is 6 easy steps:

  1. Kooinda have just moved from Reservoir to Heidelberg
  2. Which is the place where the Heidelberg School of painters started
  3. One of the members of the Heidelberg school was Walter Withers, who in turn taught Norman Lindsay
  4. Who was the subject of the film ‘Sirens’ which started Hugh Grant
  5. Who was in ‘Did you hear about the Morgans’ with Mary Steenburgen
  6. Who is the wife of Ted Danson who as Sam Malone served beers to Norm in Cheers 

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