Huon Dark Ale by Two Metres Tall

Prologue:  It’s redemption time again. Back in the day (if that day was late March) I tasted the Cleansing Ale from Two Metres Tall which is a small brewery in Tasmania.

This was not a good experience, it smelled funny and tasted funny. But I’m not willing to ban a brewery based on a single taste of a single beer.(If I was I would have dismissed Burleigh Brewing after tasting Big Head, which would have been a real shame).

I should mention I have a real penchant for banning things. Jord will often hear me yelling ‘Banned one week.’ because a café has a noisy juicing machine or a pizza shop messes up out order (I’m looking at you Queen Bee’s in North Melbourne) this is sometimes followed by ‘Banned for life’ if they transgress again (like Queen Bee’s did after we gave them a second chance, seriously they are the worse pizza shop on earth, just terrible).

But the important thing is that I’m willing to give things a second chance, so with that in mind when I saw the Huon Dark Ale in the fridge at the supermarket I thought, let’s give that a go.    

Packaging:  I’ll admit it was the packaging that drew me to this beer. I like the label it feels prestige. It reminds me of Knappstein for some reason. I love the little tag over the cap, this contains information like bottle number and brew date so it makes it feel very handmade and special.

Now it suggests cellaring for up to 3 years. I note from the brew date that this is only 3 months old (and is bottle number 702) so maybe I shouldn’t be drinking it yet, then  again maybe they shouldn’t have released it to market so early. If it gets better with time wouldn’t it be better from a quality perspective to age it at the brewery, rather than putting it in the hands of distributors/customers where it is likely to be mistreated?     

Appearance: Dark Colour, in fact it’s almost black, it also has a nice solid dense creamy head.    

Smell: It smells of almost nothing, some hints of apple and maybe a little roasted malt but not much else. Now I know that apple smell makes no sense for beer until you realise that the gimmick on this beer is that they have added Apple Juice.

Here is the description from their website:

Taking a classic dark ale base, a winemaker’s touch has provided a soft, rich fruit palate via the use of fresh, unfiltered apple juice procured directly from an on-farm apple grower & processor in the Huon Valley.  A blend of five different barley malts, this is a complex and satisfying drinking experience.  Triple fermented using nearly 20% whole apple juice.

Taste: Why would you put apple juice in your beer? Not sure. Does it make for a good beer? Nope. It’s an unusual taste, as a beer it’s lighter and thinner than I expected. Not really malty or beery (there no major hop notes either). It’s refreshing enough, and easy to drink but so is Apple Cider and so is Beer, I’m not sure I needed them in the same glass.

In conclusion: Not surprisingly it tastes a lot like a beer that has had apple juice poured into it. It just doesn’t work for me. And that’s two strikes.

Two Metres Tall – Banned for life!

Ranking:  Maybe just a pot.


5 thoughts on “Huon Dark Ale by Two Metres Tall

  1. It is a good thing you aren’t the justice minister or AFL Commissioner. “Tipples’ Two-Strike policy strikes into the heart of citizens/players everywhere. “

  2. Isn’t it interesting how completly arbitrary the ‘three’ strikes is. We are basing justice systems on a ‘Well it works for baseball so It must be right’ theory.

    Then again as De La Soul taught us Three is the magic number

    Three strikes your out
    Three lives in every computer game ever
    Three stooges
    Three mustketeers

    Three sheets to the wind.

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