Completing my Homework Assignments

It’s time to tie up a couple of loose ends. From time to time drinking one beer leads to discussions of further beers, which in turn leads to some homework for little old me.

Sometimes I struggle to get around to doing this homework. Like the slacker kid in every 1980’s movie you have ever seen I claim the ‘The dog ate my homework.’ But the teacher ain’t buying it  and it’s off to the principal’s office I go.

I would have spent some time in detention regarding this entry from way back in 2008. We where drinking at the now dead Bev & Mick’s in South Melbourne and MB mentioned ‘A beer from down Geelong way that puts mussels in their beer.’ I dismissed MB’s suggestion as crazy talk, and surmised that he was talking crap because a) He knows nothing about beer b) He was probably drunk at the time of telling me and c) He’s allergic to seafood so why would he be drinking a mussel beer anyway?

But fast forward three years and I’m in a bottleshop and lined up along the wall are a number of brews from the Bellarine Brewing Company (AKA a brewery from somewhere near Geelong) and one of those brews is a Mussel Stout.

And yes there actually is Blue Mussels in this beer, caught (I’m not sure if you catch or farm or harvest mussels, like all young kids these days I don’t understand where food actually comes from before it get to the shop I buy it from) just up the road, in Port Arlington. Of course if someone took the label off I’m not sure you would know that there are mussels there. The flavours are more akin to a standard stout, Sweet chocolately flavours at the front of the sip giving away to roasted coffee in the back.

After reading the label which claimed a lingering taste of the sea I did start thinking that maybe, just maybe I could sense a salty hint in the aftertaste, but really I think it might have just been the power of suggestion.

Overall it’s an alright beer, not the best stout I’ve ever had, but not the worst either. Having said that if you pick this up hoping for a brand new taste sensation and a big salty, seafood kick you might be disappointed. Schooner  

Whilst I was a huge slacker back in 2008, as witnessed by the fact that most of the entries seemed to always start with ‘Myself, Frewy, Jord and MB’ went to the pub, by 2011 Tipples is a very professional, effective organisation, and thus when someone mentions a beer I should try, like Darren did in the comments section of this post   I immediately rush out and get it  

Truth is the day Darren left this comment, I happened to wandering around at lunchtime and noticed some friends of mine standing in the bottle shop, because I’m a friendly fella I stepped inside to say hello, and since I was then in a bottle shop I figured I might as well have a look around, and low and behold there it was, Grisette Fruit Des Bois. It was fate I had to buy it.

 Grisette is a Belgian brewery, and the Fruit des Bois is fruit beer, it is deliberately meant to be light (only 3.5% ABV) but full bodied with a heap of berry flavour.    

Now fruit flavoured beer probably isn’t the manliest thing ever, the fact that it comes in a 250ml bottle probably doesn’t help either, although it does make you feel like a giant, the pink label continues the girly overtones and if you pour it in a glass, well it’s still pink.  

This doesn’t really taste like beer at all, more like lemonade with Ribena juice in it. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, with a nice tart aftertaste, and importantly the fruit doesn’t feel artificial at all.  I really quite enjoyed it, it was a very pleasant drink that would be great for summer. Of course I find it hard to give a rating to because it doesn’t really have any beery attributes, but hey I would drink it again so I guess I’ll give it a Pint.  

Long Bow YouTube Clip: It has to be Young MC’s off to the Principal’s Office you go. Which I think I might still own on vinyl somewhere:


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