Double Murray Love.

As you may have picked up by now the Beer blogging community spread far and wide across this large brown land. The premier beer blog in Sydney town is a tome entitled Back of the Ferry

Now all bloggers have their favourite brewers. Regular readers will know that I have a total man crush on boys from 2Brothers, who are the only brewery to ever get two jug ratings from me for their James Brown and Chief.

Now what 2Brother’s is to me Murray’s is to the BOTF crew. And imagine the excitement if your favourite brewery opened up in your home town (Any breweries looking to open in North Melbourne, I’m more than willing to be your ‘creepy guy who is always sitting at the bar, I mean doesn’t he have a job.’ You know every brewery/pub/bar needs one).

And Murray’s is a brewery that gives 2Brother’s a run for my affections. Today I’m going to tell you about two of their brews, one which will increase the social responsibility of this site no end, and a second which many would suggest aptly sums up my personality.

The first is Punch & Judy It is a mid strength beer (just 3.9% ABV), which in the mind of many a beer swilling yobbo means low taste. But this is a beer which aims to prove you don’t need alcohol for a good beer. And a good beer it is. Good but not great. It’s a nice amber colour with a foamy head which sticks around. It has a tropical fruit tones in the aroma coming from the hops and a medium body and some hoppy bitterness. It is a touch on the gassy side for my liking,  although that has more to do with the English bitter style than being low alcohol.

This is probably one of the best mid strength beers out there, but based on a selection of all beers, it’s just a good solid beer not a knock your socks off brilliant beer, which many people seem to think it is – Definitely Pint Worthy.

The second beer couldn’t be more different. It’s a 6.5% brown ale called Angry Man I fucking love everything about this beer, starting with the label. A kangaroo punching on with the a old school boxing dude, I like it so much I’m thinking of getting the natty t-shirts they make with it on it (I’m just waiting for my size to come back in stock, I mean who would have thought a larger sizes would sell out first when we are selling beer t-shirts.

There is something about wearing a T-shirt with Angry Man written on it appeals to me.

The beer also looks great – It pours brown with amber highlights, has a light creamy head which lingers nicely. Aromas of nutty chocolate are evident and there are caramel tones in the mid sip and then this fades away into more tart coffee tones and what I would describe as resiny hoppy bitterness which just stops the sweetness than anything else.

Nice big full flavour, interesting enough to keep you coming back again and again, and with enough bite to cut through. I’m a sucker for the brown ale as this table shows, and this is a very very good Brown Ale – I even think it’s Jug Worthy.

6 thoughts on “Double Murray Love.

  1. I’m a bit spacko and can’t work out how to find if you’ve referred a given beer. I had the Murray Icon 2IPA last night (with a baked bean toasted sandwich, some dolamdes, olives and cheese), and it was a drinking delight. I’m declaring it best beer I’ve drunk in the past month… Have you ‘done’ that one yet?

  2. There is a list up in the menu under ‘All The Beers’ not ghugely searchable unfortunately. Otherwise you can use the ‘WordPress search’ but I’ve never really found that to be useful, I don’t think this theme allows for a search funtion which annoys me.

    But to answer your question No I haven’t had 2icon IPA. I was hoping to have it last night at Beer Deluxe (I know they’ll have on on Thursday for international IPA Day) but alas it wasn’t on yet.

    My plan was to battle 2Icon IPA vs Feral’s Hop Hog (which I had on Monday and is my beer of the week) in a International IPA Day showdown, but this seems to have fallen apart, although If I find a bottle sometime today…………

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