A Trip to Sails on the Bay

Over the months I’ve told you about many a person leaving my place of employment (I know it’s surprisingly that I actually manage to hold down a job and still manage to bash out 3 or 4 blog post a week, but you know I got me some wicked skillz). But the biggest leaving of all happened last Friday. That’s right Jord has now left the big green building for greener pastures.

To mourn/celebrate this fact it was necessary to organise the most important lunch in the history of all media lunches. A Lunch that was four years in the makings, a Lunch that involved a lengthy cab ride (made given lengthier after the cab driver got lost and refused to listen to me as I said repeatedly you gone past it, turn around) and even had it’s on song.

That’s right we went to Sails on the Bay. (Apologies if this embedding isn’t working, click on the file to view the video)  


And what a day it was, We lived a little, we relaxed a little, it’s was comfortable, and stylish, and although I didn’t want to leave I was not after a glass of wine.

Nope, not for me, for me it was beer all the way. But which beers I hear you ask.

Well I started with the never heard of before Pig’s Fly Pilsner which is aNSW brewery based in Bowral, which accordingly to their website have no distribution in Victoria so I’m not sure how this brew made it south of the border.

When I ordered this brew the waiter told me that he would drink this everyday if he could. He also told me that it was ‘much better than a Crownie.’ This immediately gave me the impression that perhaps 50-60% of the beer sales in sails is the default premium beer of people who don’t actually like beer – the Crown Lager.

This beer was better than a crownie, but it wasn’t outstandingly brilliant. It’s quite light in flavour, and could do with a like more body. It is a Euro style pilsener, so it doesn’t have a huge hop character, more of the subtle Saaz Hop feel. It was very well suited to drinking in a restaurant by the bay.

For the second beer we went a little more international, all the way from Germany. It was the always easily to order Schofferhofer hefeweizen (AKA ‘That one’ which you must combine with some pointing at the menu). Like most German brews this one is quite nice (they generally have had a bit of time to perfect it)

This particular beer has a huge frothy white head. The waiter looked a little concerned when he poured it, for brief moments about two third of the glass was head, but it settled to the more traditional three fingers. It was a yellow colour, and cloudy as a hefeweizen should be . I was expecting so banana overtones, but I didn’t really get much. Rather there were some bready smells, as hint of spicy cloves. A was also heavier and less refreshing than I expected, but overall a very nice beer – Pint



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