Mad Brewer’s Scribbly Gum Lager

Summer in Australia means a few things to me. The beach, beer, BBQ’s and camping. Malt Shovel brewery have claim that they have captured the essence of summer in their seasonal release the  Mad Brewer’s Scribbly Gum Lager here is their marketing wank:

“Scents such as the bush and the classic Aussie BBQ feast wafting through, this is a BIG, FLAVOURSOME and UNFILTERED Lager, with an intriguing smoky character backed up with hints of the Aussie native bush flora –  truly a Lager you will never forget!”

But have they done it? This is a cloudy golden colour, and has basically no head, it looks more like a craft brewers pale ale rather than a macro breweries crystal clear lager (and that’s a very good thing). It claims it’s smoky and it is. I took a big whiff of this and it smelled like a campfire. Jord (who was sharing the longneck with me) claimed it reminded her of smoked ham. This lead to use reminiscing about the smoked cheese stuff you used to get at every Aussie BBQ in the 1980’s – you know the stuff, with the reddy brown wax on it. What ever happened to that? And Salt and Vinegar chips with French onion dip, how good was that?

The beer is a touch creamy in the mouth, almost buttery which was just a little odd. It’s not hugely hoppy or malty. It’s the smoke that’s the dominates the flavour for me, and just a hint of some native bush flora (as promised), in fact it reminds me a lot of Baron’s Lemon Mytrle beer .

And guess what? It has done exactly what it’s claimed it would do. It’s transported me from my couch on a wintery night to a Caravan park in Kennet River, To standing around the BBQ plate drinking as the snags turn themselves a nice shade of burnt, Or perhaps later in the night sitting around a campfire, the smoke from log burning on the fire (which of course is just a beer keg cut in half)  chasing you around, it doesn’t seem to matter where you sit it’s always blowing in your direction, but you don’t mind because it’s the fantastic woody smoke smell which just makes you feel good.  

Because beer should make you feel good, and this one definitely did I think I’ll have a Pint Thanks


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