What to do when your computer breaks…

I was faced with quite the conundrum last Wednesday. Here’s the story.

I had been out of a shopping trip to Cloudwine to pick up some supplies for a entry that currently has the working title of Stoutstock. I was running just a little late back from lunch and was hoping to slink back into the office unnoticed. A strategy which is generally not helped by the tell tale clinking noise coming from the brown paper bag I’m holding.

But today was different, as I exited the lifts I was greeted with a scene more akin to a cafe than a workplace. No one was at their desks, people were gathered in small groups chatting, and the most unusual of occurrences at the moment – laughing. I knew something was up.

I sought out Frewy (AKA our research guru, thus I assume he knows everything) he informed me that the workmen outside who were digging a hole (they had been at it for days, and no one knew why), had managed to cut through the fibre optic cable which keeps all of our computers, phones, interwebs and pretty much everything else afloat.

The office quickly descended into a ‘Lord of the Flies’ brand of chaos.  We were told we had to stay in the office in case the computers came back on, but there is no respect for authority in our workplace so it was a free for all. Myself, Frewy and some young whipper snapper I’ve never seen before, but was assured worked with us promptly decided this was a excellent time to go shopping at Dan Murphy’s. We wasted a good half hour in there, staring at the fridge and educating our new young friend on the wonders of dark beers.

We returned to the office to find a small bonfire in the corner, two guys doing a nudie run through the accounts department and a goat standing on the managing director’s desk. It was clearly time to leave.

And where do you go to on a Wednesday when through the magic of a near sighted apprenctice with a back hoe sets you free in the word?  The answer of course is Beiro.

That’s right I managed to convince Jord to come with me to Biero, one of Melbourne’s premier beer selling establishments. And better still Wednesday is $5 Pint night (or in our case afternoon).

At Biero the star of the show is Beer. So much in fact that when they mark down the beer to $5 a pint they have a bouncer on the door and a $5 cover charge. You even get a ‘I’ve gone to see a band last night, hard to wash off wrist stamp.

Now the real reason that we ventured to this promised land of beer was that I heard on Twitter than Burleigh Brewing’s Fanny Gertrude Anzac Biscuit Beer was going to be on tap. I had wanted to try this beer since the rumours of its existence started doing the rounds a while ago.  The thought of a beer which tasted like an Anzac biscuit was just a little bit exciting.

Imagine my disappointment when this beer turned out to be kind of bland. It’s smelt like Carlton Draught, which wasn’t a good start. I had the makings of a great beer, but it was all a little understated. There were some biscuity malt flavours in there, and a hint of ginger and burnt golden syrup in the aftertaste. But the problem is it’s all a little thin. I was hoping for a bigger body, slightly creamier brew. This was a really nice idea, but it left me a little flat – Schooner.

Second up was the Prickly Moses Choc Ale which was a beer I’d heard nothing of, so wasn’t weighed down with the burden of expectation that Fanny was. Having said that the name suggested to me a full bodied, dark brew with some mocha overtones. This is not what I got this beer was more red in colour than brown, it was thin in the body and with a slight bitter aftertaste with pretty much no chocolate overtones at all. It was drinkable as an amber ale or alike but not at all what I was promised by the name. I’d have to give it a Schooner.

This is the fourth Prickly Moses beer that I’ve reviewed, and I have to say they have never really impressed me that much, which troubles me, as I really find a microbrewer which doesn’t have something that I really like. Having said that they did have a Blueberry Hefeweizen that I liked at the microbrewers showcase so maybe I should seek that out.

We were feeling quite demoralised by now, it had been an afternoon of disappointing brews, which was a huge letdown for a bonus non work afternoon. In fact Jord was so demoralised that she gave up, so I headed back to the bar alone and ordered up the Meantime London Stout.  Now Meantime is a brewery based in Greenwich, so first of all – Great name.

The beer was the pick of the night, but that wasn’t saying much. It might have been the momentum I had coming into this, but I was left a little underwhelmed by this as well. It’s poured like a stout, black opaque colour with a brown head. And I guess it was this look that had me thinking this was going to be big and robust, but in fact it was a little thin in the body, and finished quite crisp. There were some interesting flavours in there, a little smokiness, so sweet fruits, but it was all on the too subtle side for me when I was looking for a knock your socks of beer.  Looks like this is three for three for Schooner ratings.

Useless fact time – Biero is Esperanto for beer.  Esperanto is a constructed language, Constructed in fact by a dude called LL Zamenhof. He hoped that he could create an easy to learn, politically neutral language that would foster peace and international understanding.  Of course it’s widely regarded to be a huge failure, it probably would have been easier just to buy the world a beer.  


One thought on “What to do when your computer breaks…

  1. got to love it when the office dies! I had the Anzac biscuit beer at the Aussie Day at the St Kilda Taphouse, where from memory (hazed by too many beers) had me remembering it with a slickness of an oatmeal stout and a bunch of vanilla in it. I had more than one then, but decided not to have one a Biero last week. Sounds like this experimental beer isnt locked in yet. To the Prickly Moses beers get a look at their black panther and raconteur IPA, both good beers, not at all in line with their old lineup of beers. But with you on the choc ale, more earthy than choc, actually where is the choc?? I’ve got a porter in a keg with some coco nibs, I want that to taste like chocolate topping.

    now go fix your computer and get back to work!

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